Defense takes disciplinary measures against Marco Kroon, because the soldier gave a headbutt during a carnival last year. There is a negative message in his file, as was announced Tuesday.

In addition, it was decided that Kroon "will be transferred to a position in which he will focus on veteran matters".

The negative report in his file may have consequences for the rest of Kroon's career. The decision was taken after the soldier was sentenced to community service by the court for misconduct during carnival in Den Bosch.

Kroon was caught urinating, and an officer addressed him and fined him. When the soldier continued to urinate and the agent called for reinforcements, the situation escalated. Kroon headbutted one of the officers and showed his genitals to another officer. This also earned him a conviction for trespassing.

Kroon is included in the Military William Order because of his earnings in Afghanistan. A Defense spokesperson informs that his actions in Afghanistan are not under discussion and that his award will not be taken.