A local resident found an uninvited guest in his mailbox in the Bronx of New York on Friday morning. According to police, it was a python about 2.5 meters long.

According to ABC News, it was fortunate in the accident that “the best snake handler in New York,” Detective Jose Otero, arrived at the scene after the alarm. According to the channel, Otero, who has worked as a police officer in New York for 21 years, has wrestled with snakes across the city several times before.

Otero has gained experience handling reptiles through his pets, as he owns several snakes and lizards.

Otero later said at a news conference that he understood the snake was “serious” when he saw it hanging in the entrance structures of the house.

- It was very upset. Its head was raised and it was hissing, and we had reason to worry, Otero described the situation.

“And next you’ll find a snake rattling your fingers”

Otero said he used a lasso stick to catch the snakes to detach the python from the house structures. He then grabbed the snake by the tail and asked the neighbor for a sheet to which the reptile could wrap.

- He gave me a small pillowcase. I just said, “This isn’t going to fit in that pillowcase. I need a bigger one. ” So he brought me a big pillowcase, almost like a sack, Otero said.

New York City police posted on Twitter a picture of Detective Otero and the python he caught.

Photo: NYPD Special Ops / Twitter

He believed the snake was someone’s pet because it looked healthy and moved normally. Otero pointed out that some of those who keep snakes as pets do not realize they can escape easily if their facilities are not properly secured to stay caught.

He also warned others not to try to catch a pet snake if they run into one, but to call the police instead.

- People get misunderstandings on TV: "Yeah, just grab your head and everything will be fine." And next you notice the snake rattling your fingers, Otero said.