In an interview with Swedish TV4, former boxer and TV face Paolo Roberto confirmed that he bought sex on the night between Thursday and Friday, says Aftonbladet.

He and ten other men were arrested in Stockholm. Unlike in Finland, buying sex in Sweden is illegal.

The Swedish media had been hinted that there might be one public figure among the detainees. Roberto, 51, decided to step up and decided to admit the matter on television.

He said in an interview that the purchase that led to the arrest was his first. The ex-boxer also had to answer in the journalist’s tormenting bench about what he thought of prostitution and buying sex.

- You buy sex, probably from a woman who's kind of winged ... or she's not there because it's nice. It’s definitely the dirtiest and cruelest thing you can do to another person, Roberto said.

Paolo Roberto has appeared on Swedish television in reality and entertainment programs.

Photo: Magnus Laupa

He also continued to play himself on Instagram. He had to delete the image comment function due to a rampant feedback spurt.

- No apologies, I have to stand behind dirty and shameless behavior.

Roberto was released from police custody on Friday morning. No information is yet available on the consequences.

Roberto, who also played in Finland, ended his career in 2003. He won 28 of his 33 matches.

Roberto, who has an Italian background, has been involved in various television productions since his career, such as Dancing with the Stars. He has two children.