Sometimes popular phenomena originate from a mere coincidence. This was the case for Jorma Saahko, 84, who lives in Valkeakoski, and his granddaughter Lotta-Sofia Saahko, 27.

If Lotta-Sofia had not escaped the coronavirus pandemic from London to Finland and settled with her widow and living single priest Jorma seven years ago, one of the most popular Finnish social media phenomena of the Korona era would not have been born.

For several days now, the Saahs have uploaded to Facebook a joint song performance from an old familiar song, and the popularity has exploded. Through the Lota and Papa's Corona Songs website, the most popular songs have already been viewed more than 20,000 times - all the way to Brazil and Uganda.


 This is something absolutely amazing! There are so many comments that you can’t keep up. Just someone sent a comment that this is the best thing that has arisen from the corona, Lotta-Sofia is hesitant.

- This is amazing for such an old man! I have never been in a situation like this, Father Jorma adds.

Lotta-Sofia said that Jorma-papa, who comes from Karelia, is so enthusiastic about singing that on Papa's first solo song performance was filmed on Wednesday.

- Papa has become a real performer! He has already begun to think that “this and this could be talked about in connection with this song”. At first we just talked to the camera before or after the song, but then people started asking exactly where Daddy is from, whether Grandma exists and so on. Now many songs also include a story, Lotta-Sofia said.

Jorma and Lotta-Sofia Saahko have charmed with the song performances they shared on Facebook.

Photo: Lotta-Sofia Saahko

Jorma-pappa takes, for example, the familiar song Caller Shepherd, more familiarly I Made a Whistle from a Willow Tree.

- When the grandchildren came to the village at a young age, they always said, “Dad, make willow whistles again”. So I did, the children blew and got some sound from them, Jorma-priest laughs.

Other songs are also from Jorma-papa's childhood and school days or related to the homeland of Karelia. Jorma was forced to evacuate the war after he was 4 years old.

There is much more good to come, as the Saahs plan to continue downloading songs daily as long as the corona pandemic continues.

- I just got word that my school in London will not open this year. We plan to continue as long as Korona continues. Pappak has also been really good-natured and told old stories about Grandma, Lotta-Sofia rejoices.

The songs performed by Jorm and Lotta-Sofia are from Jorm's childhood. The lyrics of the songs have been searched online.

Photo: Lotta-Sofia Saahko

But how did it all start in the end?

Returning from London, Lotta-Sofia was first quarantined with her parents for two weeks and then for another week alone at the family cottage before she dared to go and live with Jorm in her detached house.

Jorma has been practicing choral singing for about 60 years of his life but no longer for 10 years. Lotta-Sofia also enjoys singing. The duo pondered that they didn’t really have anything in common to sing when the former and contemporary music are so different.

It gave rise to the idea that Jorma-pappa would teach Lotta-Sofia one song about her own youth every day.

Jorma and Lotta-Sofia's own “performance studio” in Jorma's detached house in Valkeakoski.

Photo: Lotta-Sofia Saahko

- We searched for a songbook for 3-4 days but couldn't find it. In the end, we found that we didn’t need sheet music. When Dad sang a few words, the songs were found online. I first put our songs on my own Instagram account, but when a lot of guys liked it, we decided to set up Lota and Papa’s corona songs page on Facebook.

- I have a private house upstairs in own use, but now I'm almost more downstairs accompanied by grandpa. My greetings to all are that remember to take care of your own grandparents. Call and inquire about the news, Lotta-Sofia says.

MTV was the first to report on the popular songs of the Saahs.