The motorsport motorsport site reported on Tuesday evening its sources, citing sources that Ferrari’s new race driver from next season would very likely be Carlos Sainz, a 25-year-old Spaniard.

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Earlier in the day, Ferrari announced that veteran driver Sebastian Vettel would not continue in the stable next season. According to Motorsport, the Sainz deal is complete without small details.

During the day after the first news, former Ferrari driver Mika Salo considered Alfa Romeo's current driver Antonio Giovinazzia, 26, to be the most likely replacement for Vettel.

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Salo maintained its position even after information began to seep into Italy about a possible Sainz agreement.

- Somehow it sounds weird. I can’t imagine Sainz on a Ferrari. Doesn't sound right, Salo says.

Mika Salo is a former driver of Ferrari.

Photo: Antti Aimo-Koivisto / Lehtikuva

According to Salo, Sainz may still be connected to an energy drink stable as a driver who has gone through Red Bull’s junior mill.

Sainz drove a loan agreement with Renault, but Red Bull “gave up” the Spanish driver when he switched to McLaren. Sainz drove McLaren for a great season.

- F1 contracts are really complex. There can always be all kinds of options. It may be the case, for example, that moving to a particular stable would require the payment of some compensation, and so on, Salo speculated without, however, knowing more precisely the background to the Sainz agreements.

According to Motorsport, Sainz’s contract with Ferrari is supported by two clear factors: He would be well-suited as a teammate for Leclerc and would be a relatively low-cost driver.

- It's true that Leclerc and Sainz get along well. Ferrari is already saving a lot of money when Vettel leaves. Any extra money could be used, for example, to develop a car.

Nevertheless, according to Salo, Sainz's transfer to Ferrari would be a loss of credibility for the Italian stable's own junior production, from which the Italian Giovinazzi, who is currently driving as Kimi Räikkönen's teammate, has made an effort.

- I don't know what Ferrari's philosophy is today. I still consider Giovinazz to be the number one option. He should go to Ferrari.

- Of course, Sainz has already proven that he is competent and good in all respects. And after all, his father (double rally world champion Carlos Sainz) has a strong personality in the pits. Still, the equation sounds far-fetched.