The heroes of the historic World Cup gold team have made different careers in working life since their playing careers. Many of the gold lions have continued with the species, and some of them even in the hard core of the Finland disc.

In honor of the anniversary, Ilta-Sanomat will present the players of the MM95 team and the management team, and what belongs to them now.


Jukka Tammi, game number 30

Age at the time of the tournament is 33 years, club Ilves. 6 matches in the World Cup, no playing time

1995: Team's third goalkeeper. Didn't get a second of playing time. An important lifeguard.

NOW: Been involved in many after his sports career. Currently working as an entrepreneur in the investment industry. A spark for investment activity was ignited by the sports fund. January was one of the first puckers to start investing in the fund. Has also worked as an entrepreneur in the textile industry and as an employee in the Tampere Ilves organization.

Ari Sulander, 31

26 years, Jokers. 3 matches, 1 played, 87.5%, ka. 2.00

1995: Clear second guard. Got responsibility for the fight in three matches. His career was on the rise and played well in those matches where he got on the field. The first championships debutant.

NOW: His career ended at the age of 42 in the Swiss Championship in 2012. After that, he worked for a short time as a goalkeeper coach for the A-juniors in Switzerland, Finland, and the Jokers. Today he lives in Oulu and runs a small animal ash factory for pets.

Jarmo Myllys, 35

29 years, Luleå HF. 7 matches, 7 games played, 91.72%, ka. 1.71

1995: Self-appointed number one watchkeeper. Got only one goal behind him in the playoffs. A shot by Sweden's Jonas Berqvist also went into the final unsuccessfully. Chosen as the best goalkeeper of the tournament for a reason.

NOW: Previously worked for four seasons as the assistant coach of Savonlinna SaPK in Mestis. Before that, he worked for a long time at SaiPa. Also participated in junior national teams.


Marko Kiprusoff, 2

22 years, TPS. 8, 0 + 3 = 3.0 min, +3

1995: Got a lot of superiority and otherwise played as a young 22-year-old defender in a puck role. The only right defender on the team. Great tournament as a package pair for Hannu Virta. Played many more value races after this.

NOW: Served as Assistant Coach for Paimion Haka, who plays in Division 2 during the past season. Owns half of the Pajamäki kiosk, which serves chicken wings, among other things. Has not had time to participate in daily activities now.

Petteri Nummelin, 3

22 years, TPS. 5, 0 + 0 = 0.5 min, +5

1995: Remembered as an effective defender in his career, but the first value races were not yet cannon. Nummelin was left without power points in this tournament. Seventh defender, but still got quite decent playing time in the rotation.

NOW: The player career ended in the fall of 2019. Before that, he went to Norway and Japan as well. Worked last season in Norway’s main league as an assistant coach for Storhamar. Also held skating clinics for junior players.

Erik Hämäläinen, 4

30 years, Jokers. 8, 0 + 0 = 0.8 min, +7

1995: The Basic Bone handled its own head of duty with tremendous conscientiousness. Played calmly and did not panic in any situations. Flawless and reliable.

NOW: His career ended at Luko in 2008 as a record man. He immediately jumped into the coaching rounds as the assistant coach of Luko’s league team. He popped in at the coaching juniors at times but came back as an assistant to the league team. Last season also the assistant coach of the Young Lions.

Timo Jutila, 5

31 years, Tappara. 8.5 + 2 = 7.10 min, +8

1995: Captain of the Lions. Selected for constellation field. Scored seven power points in eight games. Everyone remembers the legendary “jet pump” ventilation after the final 4-1 goals.

NOW: Serve as the team leader of the Lions for a long time. Last year in Slovakia he played the role of travel host for Finnish race tourists together with his wife Satu. The couple also has two companies. They organize e.g. sports fan trips.

Janne Niinimaa, 6

19 years, Jokers. 8, 1 + 2 = 3, 10 min, +3

1995: The team pit was only 19 years old. Played a great tournament as a pair of Jutila packs. Stood out with his movement and puck skills. The chat was correct if errors occurred.

NOW: Niinimaa, which has built strong ties to the music world, has been a co-owner in re-establishing one of Finland's largest rock clubs Club Teatria in both Oulu and Tornio. The original club was set low in 2014.

Hannu Virta, 23

32 years, Grasshoppers. 7, 1 + 1 = 2.8 min, +2.

1995: Konkari was a credit figure in the Finnish defense, although he entered the Games from the Swiss B level. Basic defense great. Also got responsibility for second superiority and scored a couple of power points as well.

NOW: Has had a long and deserving coaching career. Mostly worked as an assistant coach e.g. In TPS, Jokers and Lions. Got to leave with Erkka Westerlund in the summer of 2018 Salavat Yulayev from Ufa, and has not coached anywhere since then.

Mika Strömberg, 26

25 years, Jokers. 8, 2 + 3 = 5, 12 min, +9

1995: Physical and crackling defender. In addition to defending, he liked to attack and make power points. Got overwhelming responsibility. Played with great self-confidence throughout the tournament.

NOW: Quickly after his career as a player, he moved to KalPa as an assistant coach and then to TPS. Said he was not ready for the league level at the time. Has now coached five Viking Division 2 teams. Strives to be back among the professionals.


Janne Ojanen, 8

27 years, Tappara / Lugano. 8, 0 + 4 = 4.4 min, +4

1995: He just recovered from a serious injury resulting from a skate incision. Played a special role in the finals. Was the 13th striker and only played with superiority. Maybe not at his best due to injury, but still an important player.

NOW: Entrepreneur. JM Consept Oy sells business gifts. After his career, he became acquainted with coaching as Risto Dufva's assistant in Tappara. Now as an assistant coach at Nokia Pyry.

Esa Keskinen, 9

30 years, HV 71. 8, 1 + 5 = 6, 6 min, +3

1995: Silky hands gained their rights by force majeure. Five entry points in eight matches. Not the most physical player, but did really well thanks to his insane game vision.

NOW: Lives in his hometown of Ylöjärvi. After his career, he suffered from IBD intestinal disease, which also affects Teemu Ramstedt, among others. The Central, like Ramstedt, has spoken publicly about the issue to raise awareness of the disease.

Saku Koivu, 11

20 years, TPS. 8.5 + 5 = 10.18 min, +9

1995: The best player in the tournament. At the age of 20, Lions led to the first World Cup gold in history. Dominant deeds from one evening to the next with Lehtinen and Peltonen. After the tournament, headed to the NHL for the Montreal Canadians.

NOW: Served as TPS's Director of Development for two years. Decided to stop his washer for schedule reasons. It is involved in the Ratapiha project, which includes, among other things, a new ice sports arena. In March, he joined the joint management team of TPS and its junior hockey team.

Marko Palo, 13

27 years, HV 71. 8, 1 + 0 = 1, 2 min, -1

1995: Role player in the quad. Playing time on the card was the most even, but toiled and did important work with underpower. Scored one goal.

NOW: Entrepreneur in the field of landscape construction. Kyykivi Oy is named after his nickname. Has been an entrepreneur since 2012. Coached juniors. In the period 2010–2011, he was the head coach of HPK's C-Juniors and in 2014–2015 he was the assistant coach of B-Juniors.

Raimo Helminen, 14

32 years, Malmö. 8, 1 + 7 = 8.2 min, +11

1995: The national team career had already been dug once, but Curt Lindström was attracted again. He played a great tournament and scored the same number of points in eight matches. The power statistics were as high as +11, which says everything relevant in this case.

NOW: TPS head coach for the coming season. Last season's Young Lions head coach. He also previously worked at Jokeri as Lauri Marjamäki's assistant coach.

Antti Törmänen, 15

24 years, Jokers. 5, 0 + 0 = 0.2 min, +2

1995: In a small role. The race pass was not stamped until the fourth game. Remained on binoculars in his first value tournament, but focused on the overalls department.

NOW: Head coach of the Swiss EHC Biel-Bienne last season. Started in the club as early as December 2017. In the second season, Biel dropped out of the semi-finals against champion Bern. Before his Biel wash, he coached HIFK.

Ville Peltonen, 16

22 years, HIFK. 8, 6 + 5 = 11.4 min, +12

1995: Back in the Swedish finals with his hat trick, which can be described as an airship of his time. Powered throughout the tournament. He was the Lion's best scorer and an important piece of the famous attack chain.

NOW: The player career ended in 2014. Since then, he has first created a coaching career in Leo and HIFK juniors. Moved to Switzerland in 2016 to help Kari Jalonen. Started for the first time in his career in 2018–19 as head coach in Lausanne, where he was fired in February.

Jere Lehtinen, 20

21 years, TPS. 8, 2 + 5 = 7.4 min, +10

1995: Balancing player alongside Koivu and Peltonen. Made hard 11 (6 + 5) power points at the same time. Careful, determined and victorious, as always. Already the fourth dignity at the age of 21.

NOW: Strongly involved in the Lions background group almost immediately after the end of his player career starting in 2011. First act as a player observer. Lehtinen has served as Lions' general manager for the past six seasons. The second world championship last spring in Slovakia.

Juha Ylönen, 21

23 years, Jokers. 8, 1 + 3 = 4.2 min, +9

1995: Was a positive surprise. A calm player who was really good especially in the defensive role. Played as a winger in Helminen's chain, although there was more of a central striker. He later excelled as a scorer.

NOW: Works as a player agent. After his career as a player, he made it into the real estate business, but now works full-time in hockey. Son Jesse Ylönen joined the Montreal Canadiens organization next season.

Sami Kapanen, 24

21 years, HIFK. 8, 2 + 2 = 4.6 min, +6

1995: The flywheel played its real breakthrough race next to Raimo Helminen. Faster than others, so dangerous all the time. Kapan also headed to North America after the World Cup.

NOW: Previously played a dual role as KalPa's head coach and head owner. Left his wash and headed for last season as HC Lugano’s head coach. Got fired from Lugano in December. Sold its stake in KalPa in April. Wants to continue his coaching career.

Tero Lehterä, 27

23 years, Malmö. 8, 1 + 0 = 1.0 min, 0

1995: Considered a surprise choice for the Games. Was a skilled player by profile, but played the role of a quadruple chain. That, too, contributes to the team's spirit and harmony. Fulfilled his role excellently.

NOW: Create a career as a coach with your own personal style. Still a rather inexperienced coach, next season will be SaiPan’s fourth head coach. An avid learner of new things and a challenger of prevailing perceptions. Familiar face from puck studios.

Mika Nieminen, 40

29 years, Luleå. 8, 4 + 3 = 7.6 min, +2

1995: A skilled central striker led the third or quadruple chain and, in addition, gained responsibility with superiority. As a big man, he moved really well. Made a nice seven power points.

NOW: Focused on junior coaching. Started in the second season as a joint skill coach for LeK, HC Nokia and Uplakers Juniors. Before that, Tappara's skill coach worked. He then worked with Patrik Laine and other promising Tampere juniors, among others.

Raimo Summanen, 52

33 years, TPS. 8, 1 + 1 = 2.0 min, -5

1995: Got to end his career gloriously at the World Championships. Satisfied with the small role and selflessly worked in front of the team. He kept his feelings under control.

NOW: The colorful coaching person has had a long and eventful career. Served as assistant coach in the second season of the Slovak Main Series. At the same time, he worked with the Juniors and developed the activities of the whole club.

Executive team

HEAD COACH: Curt Lindström. Likes to spend his retirement days in Thailand, where he found himself a wife. Play golf and go out a lot. Nowadays, watching raves even more enthusiastically than hockey.

ASSISTANT COACH: Hannu Aravirta. His coaching career ended at Pelicans in 2014. He then worked as an expert in MTV's puck broadcasts, but also left those jobs behind. Enjoys playing golf.

ASSISTANT COACH: Jari Kaarela. Worked for a long time as a goalkeeper coach in Russia at KHL. HK Sotshi terminated the coaching contract last October.

TEAM LEADER: Heikki Riihiranta. Spend a lot of time on their retirement days with their grandchildren. Works in the SM League Alumni.

Finnish games at the 1995 World Cup

INITIAL SERIES: Finland – Czech Republic 0–3 (0–1, 0–0, 0–2), Sweden – Finland 3–6 (1–0, 2–3, 0–3), Norway – Finland 2–5 (0 –1, 0–2, 2–2), Finland – Austria 7–2 (4–1, 3–0, 0–1), USA – Finland 4–4 (1–0, 3–1, 0–3 )

SEMI-FINAL: Finland – France 5–0 (0–0, 4–0, 1–0)

SEMI-FINAL: Czech Republic – Finland 0–3 (0–1, 0–0, 0–2)

1–0 Helminen (Keskinen, Nieminen) 2–0 Peltonen (Koivu, Lehtinen) 3−0 Nieminen (Strömberg) tm.

FINAL MATCH: Finland – Sweden 4–1 (1–0, 2–0, 1–1)

1–0 Peltonen (Niinimaa) 2–0 Peltonen (Lehtinen) 3–0 Peltonen (Birch, Strömberg) 4–0 Jutila (Peltonen, Birch) 4–1 Bergqvist (Stillman, Sjödin)

Janne Niinimaa is a co-owner of a rock club.

Photo: Ville Honkonen

Jarmo Myllys has worked as SaPKo's assistant coach, among other things.

Photo: Petri Saarelainen

Saku Koivu is part of TPS's new management team.

Photo: Vesa-Matti Väärä

Jere Lehtinen (left) and Ville Peltonen (right) were awarded a career prize at the Sports Gala in 2015.

Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

Raimo Summanen has had a colorful career since playing.

Photo: Roni Rekomaa