Mercedes F1 team driver Valtteri Bottas and his girlfriend, Australian professional cyclist Tiffany Cromwell, have spent time in the corona pandemic closely together. The duo has been isolated in Finland for almost seven weeks, the last of which was at the home corners of Bottas in Nastola.

Bottas shared the latest information about his and Cromwell’s coexistence in a video interview on Mercedes ’Instagram account.

The racing calendars of each of the two are on an indefinite break, and they live, according to Bottas, day by day. They stick to the rhythm of the training.

- I follow my girlfriend Tiffany's program too, I try to stay on the bike behind him, Bottas smiles at the video.

- We are both trying to get the most out of this, he adds and says the duo are following a clear daily schedule in their quarantine conditions.

The interviewer of the video states that Bottas lives like in a dream quarantine, as he is accompanied by another top athlete. Bottas just flashes Cromwell, who is training on the back of the bike, for the spectators, who makes his own greetings to them.

- We can do about 90 percent of our training together, Bottas says.

- At the moment, I could not hope for a better person with whom to be quarantined.

For Cromwell, who is in Australia and touring the world at the Games, the feeling in Finland must have been at least special. The cyclist reported his rumors on his team’s Canyon SRAM Racing Instagram account last week.

According to Cromwell, the time in Finland has been quite a bit restrictive in the end, although the last couple of months have come as a surprise to him.

The most important things lately have been Bottas, eating chocolate and maintaining daily routines. However, he is already able to knock out one of the prejudices of Finns.

- Finns are not as quiet as we all think, Cromwell commented.

In addition to the numerous terrain and nature trails in the Nastola region, the training conditions at Bottas and Cromwell are also enviable at home. Bottas has a driving simulator, and in addition the duo trains on their bikes with resistance tires.

There is also a painting on the living room wall with Cromwell's current motto:

- Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are eternal.

For Bottas, who adheres to strict training and daily routines, the quarantine period has not been as challenging as possibly for many others.

Bottas says in a Mercedes video that he keeps the goals for the season and the near future clear in his mind, which helps prepare without knowing what’s to come.

- This is quite easy for me, because I have a clear goal in mind. During this time, you really get to know yourself and what you want and need. I feel pretty well what my body needs, so I’m going to be in one hundred percent condition when its (seasonal) time comes again.

The F1 season was scheduled to start in mid-March from Melbourne, Australia, but the race was canceled by the last few meters. Since then, news of the cancellation or rescheduling of the Games has been the norm for F1 and the season has not yet begun.

Last week, the F1 series announced that the goal is to run 15-18 races, which means congestion towards the end of the year.