A year ago, German Kevin Krawietz won a doubles championship with his compatriot Andreas Mies in an open tennis tournament in France.

Currently, Krawietz trains with exceptionally a few times a week at the Munich Tennis Hall and roller skates on the banks of the Nymphenburger Canal.

- a couple of weeks I have worked in addition to pay EUR 450 a grocery store, Krawietz says Der Spiegel.

The pay cut is significant. More than $ 1 million in prize money has been raised from the tennis career.

However, the 28-year-old tennis player says he has been considering normal work for a long time. The coronavirus provided an opportunity for new projects. New chores have had to start from the middle floor, as Krawietz has not yet been allowed to checkout.

- I'm filling the shelves with a colleague. I think there is enough sausage and cheese. I remove empty cartons. Last week, I once cleaned the shopping carts with a disinfectant as a precaution, the German describes his work.

In his new job, he has learned to appreciate the workload of those who can’t shine in the limelight of Roland-Garros.

- My colleagues sometimes get up from five in the morning and are at half past six in the shops filling the shelves. My life has been a luxury standard that I was able to do my hobby profession, Krawietz commented.

Krawietz and Man are currently in 13th and 14th place in the ATP doubles rankings.