Russian lung disease expert Aleksandr Tshutshalin warns in an interview with radio Sputnik that the coronavirus may be particularly dangerous for e-tobacco users.

Tshutshalin heads the Department of Pulmonology at the Medical University named after Pirogov.

According to Tshusthalin, American researchers discovered a few years ago that e-cigarette smokers have been found to have more dangerous pneumonia than others. This way, they can also become easier victims of the coronavirus.

- Even before the coronavirus came on, there was a worldwide discussion about pneumonia in young people, which is especially prevalent among these enthusiasts of new smoking habits, such as e-smokers, Tshutshalin warned in an interview.

According to Tshutshalin, the coronavirus hits the lungs particularly hard, so the lungs should be protected from any kind of extra load.

Also in Finland, the National Institute for Health and Welfare THL warned last autumn about the dangers of e-tobacco.

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Young e-cigarette smokers in the United States were reported to have suffered from severe shortness of breath, vomiting, fever, and fatigue, for example.

The assumption, then, is that if such a person were to get the coronavirus in addition to everything else, it would likely cause him or her severe symptoms.

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Maura Healey, the U.S. Attorney General of Massachusetts, has recently issued a warning in which she clearly links smoking, e-tobacco and covid-19 disease.

According to the warning, smoking and the use of e-tobacco can both predispose to covid-19 and complicate the symptoms and transmission of the disease.

In the United States, some states have already called for a ban on the sale of tobacco and e-tobacco during a pandemic.

Russia and Belarus have also considered whether the coronavirus could spread through tobacco smoke or from the exhalation and vapor cloud of a hookah or e-cigarette smoker, for example.

However, Oleg Skripko, deputy chief physician of the Minsk Infectious Diseases Hospital, estimates that the possibility of this is small.

- It can spread when you cough or sneeze, so there will probably be some drops when you smoke tobacco, but I don't think it would have any particular significance, Skripko said, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

In Britain, experts have also reported that there is no evidence that the coronavirus would spread with a cloud of e-tobacco vapor, says the Evening Standard, for example.

However, according to experts interviewed by the Daily Mail, the virus can spread in the event that an e-cigarette smoker coughs at the same time as he exhales steam.

Jonathan Winickoff, a professor of medicine at Harvard University, warns that e-tobacco may be associated with at least indirect risks to the coronavirus.

- The e-cigarette device is repeatedly brought in front of the mouth and mouth. People touch the tank, and whatever they have in their hands, it spreads from hand to body, Winickoff describes in the New York Times.

- Many of my patients who smoke or use e-tobacco have more coughing and coughing than others. And that's exactly the recipe for the virus to spread, Winickoff points out.

News agency Bloomberg, meanwhile, recently told the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's cautiously formulated stance on e-tobacco.

According to the agency, no information is yet available on a possible causal link between the use of e-tobacco and the development of covid-19 disease. Instead, however, it appears that smoking may predispose to more severe manifestations of the disease.

- E-tobacco can expose the lungs to toxic chemicals, but it is not known whether such exposure increases the risk of developing covid-19 disease, the agency responded to a Bloomberg survey.

According to FDA spokeswoman Alison Hunt, smoking in its entirety lowers resistance and increases the risk of developing respiratory infections.

“They may get a more difficult outcome from covid-19 disease,” Hunt said.

However, U.S. Dr. Carolyn Dresler believes smoking and e-tobacco increase risks during a coronavirus epidemic.

- As long as no other evidence is provided to me, I think it would be very important to help people stop inhaling all sorts of potential inflammatory substances. They can create conditions conducive to coronavirus, Dresler formulated for the New York Times.

In the United States, on the other hand, recent research has also shown that only a fraction of patients hospitalized for severe coronavirus symptoms were smokers.

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There has also been no unequivocal evidence from China that, for example, the higher mortality of men from the coronavirus is due to their smoking. However, it is considered as one component and risk.

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