Korona has stubbornly demonstrated her unpredictability with writer Vera Vala, 43, living near Milan, and her Italian pilot, Corrado, 53.

Both thought they were already recovering in mid-March, when Corrado, who had become more seriously ill, had access to home care after a hospital visit, and Vera, who had survived with milder symptoms, improved in home care.

- We have already had a sigh of relief, Vera Vala says.

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It happened differently. The recovery of the oath progressed, but after a couple of days of feverishness, Corrado again had a fever. It was followed, but there seemed to be no reason to be terribly concerned. Doctors had originally said it was a long illness in which a small fever could wave back and forth for several weeks.

Oath thinks her husband's good physical condition contributed to the fact that the well-being did not collapse completely.

Despite regular meals, the man’s weight dropped five pounds in less than a couple of weeks. However, Corrado persevered at home. After all, he had been released by ambulance after being taken to hospital and followed by hospital examinations in a couple of days. The recovery just had to go ahead.

However, on Sunday, March 29, at six in the morning, the situation escalated.

Corrado woke up his wife. His condition had deteriorated during the night so that he could barely speak.

The oath rang the ambulance, and in anticipation of it Corrado fainted. He recovered after the ambulance arrived. The ambulance set off to rush him to the hospital as an alarm. Later, Vala heard that the man had fainted again on arrival at the hospital.

- Corrado was immediately taken for an X-ray, where it was found that pneumonia had spread widely to both lungs. He started getting treatment in the last drop, otherwise this would have been more serious.

- He could no longer cope with his own breathing, but there had to be an oxygen mustache all the time. The lungs were in such poor condition, Vala says.

In Italy, antimalarial treatment should only be given in a hospital, as its effects must be closely monitored by tests.

- The treatment does not cause more damage than the corona, as the medication can cause damage to the heart, liver and kidneys as side effects, Vala says.

Malaria medication is given for a minimum of five and a maximum of seven days.

- The medication dropped the fever in a couple of days.

After a week of treatment last weekend, doctors found the worst was over.

Corrado was in the hospital for ten days this time and was admitted to home care on Tuesday.

- She's not healthy yet, but hopefully she's getting better now. Hospitals work under hard pressure, but I rely on local care, Vala says.

A family of friends includes a lung surgeon who studied in the United States and may have been asked for more information about treatments.

- He works in a top private hospital and has told them to use the same medications that Corrado has now received.

Corrado will have to be at home in isolation from others. He now resides only upstairs in the home, Vera, daughter and cat downstairs. After all, no one yet knows for sure how long the virus can be infected after recovery, and Italy is trying to avoid unnecessary risks.

- There is an absolute rule here that you must remain in quarantine for at least two weeks after the symptoms have stopped. After all, it is not yet known with certainty whether the corona must be immune or whether I could get sick again.

Corrado, who works as Alitalia's pilot, was forced to fly domestic ambulance flights in Italy in early March. He is suspected of being infected in that context.

The oath became ill five days after her husband became ill, but survived with mild symptoms. Now, three weeks later, the condition is approaching normal.

- I still breathe easily, which shows that the lungs are still not in order.

Now the family is hopeful that the coronary cure will begin to come to an end.

The oath has not wanted to give anxiety too much space.

- It might be that collapse when a man is healed, and the situation becomes easier, but now I'm focused on creating a home in a tranquil atmosphere due to our daughter. The child does not have to bear the worries of adults.

Vala believes the 11-year-old daughter was forcibly infected while her parents became ill, but she has had no symptoms.

The oath of writing has not progressed now. The author, known for his detective stories, is going to surprise next.

- These nightmarish experiences have now been a bit too much for a detective. I want to write about less violent things like love and life values, Vala reveals.

- Korona has definitely been the hardest place in life, although everything else has been experienced - like living in the middle of pneumonia in the Seychelles.