Tiina Jylhä, a beauty entrepreneur who made the headlines, tweeted about protective gear about three weeks ago due to a confusing tangle of events at the Service Security Centre's million-euro face mask stores.

In a tweet written in English on Jylhä's Twitter account on March 22, Jylhä says his company has "40 years of experience in purchasing protective equipment."

He instructs to send inquiries to the company’s email address. Along with the tweet are pictures of face shields and handbags.

- We have 40 years of experience in providing face masks, protective clothing, disinfectants and virus test kits, the tweet says.

According to Suomen Kuvalehti, Jylhä told SK that he would have massaged trades with the Finnish state at the end of March 2020, according to Suomen Kuvalehti.

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SK said that due to the corona situation, Jylhä's company has suspended its surgical operations and, according to Jylhä, now sells, among other things, Chinese protective equipment to health authorities and private companies in various countries.

At the center of the mask mask that ended up in the news headlines is a million-euro protective equipment item ordered by the Finnish Center for Security of Supply (IGC), which was flown to Finland on Tuesday from China. In Finland, laboratory tests revealed that respirators are not suitable for hospital use.

The backgrounds and course of face protection deals are still largely unclear.

Both Tiina Jylhä and Onni Sarmaste have been in contact with the Security of Supply Center in connection with the procurement of masks. However, the duo have a dispute over this, and Jylhä and Sarmaste's views on the course of events differ.

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Tomi Lounema, CEO of the Security of Supply Center, confirmed on Thursday night that the center made deals with businessman Onni Sarmaste about respirators imported to Finland.

In addition, the center has entered into a separate agreement with Tiina Jylhä. The Security of Supply Center has agreed with both of them on transactions of approximately five million euros.

The contract with Jylhä has been paid in half and has been frozen. According to the Estonian Ärileht, an Estonian bank demands explanations about the origin of money when a huge amount of money appeared in the account of a small company.

The money has been paid in full to Sarmaste.

According to Lounema, the managing director of the Security of Supply Center, he has no information about what the parties have talked to each other.

Kari Uoti, the representative representing Jylhä, told IS on Thursday evening that the Huoltovarmuuskeskus has made another, separate deal with respirators with Jylhä. The value of that mask trade would be € 5 million.

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Uoti said that these are not respirators sent from China to Finland on Tuesday, but that a batch of protective equipment on Tuesday was organized by Sarmaste to Finland.

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