In the Netherlands, approximately two thousand more people died than average in the week of March 30 to April 5. This indicates that many more people die from the effects of the coronavirus than is reported daily, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

This is based on comparing the figures of the total number of deaths registered weekly by Statistics Netherlands and the number of corona deaths registered by RIVM.

It can therefore be seen from the CBS figures that the number of deaths has increased considerably (the excess mortality) compared to the first ten weeks of this year, when the corona virus had not yet broken out in the Netherlands. Since not all deaths are tested for the coronavirus, this provides a better picture of the total corona mortality in the country.

It should be added that Statistics Netherlands does not provide information about the cause of death. So it cannot be said with certainty that the excess mortality is 100 percent attributable to the coronavirus.

In 2020, up to and including week 10 (March 2 to 8), an average of 3,132 people died per week, in the week from March 30 to April 5 (week 14), approximately 5,100 people died. The mortality in the Netherlands had risen in the previous four weeks.

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Mortality among the elderly is increasing

More elderly people have died in recent weeks, Statistics Netherlands reports. "Estimated from the information received so far, mortality among the elderly continues to increase at week 14, particularly among the over-eighties."

It is also estimated that in the first week of April of this year, almost nineteen hundred people over 65 died more than the average in the first ten weeks. That is an increase of 68 percent. At the age of fifty, the number of deaths has remained virtually the same as the average for the first weeks of this year.

More men than women died

In recent weeks, it has also been seen that male mortality is increasing more than female mortality. According to an initial estimate, nearly three quarters more men (1,100) and more than half more women (850) died in early April than the average in the first weeks of this year. In addition, two thirds of the deceased corona patients who are registered are male.

Just like a flu wave, RIVM ultimately focuses mainly on the figures for excess mortality. The daily update is also important for the statistics and contains the figures of the number of deaths of those who are sure that there was a corona infection. To date, this number of deaths registered by RIVM comprises about half of the total mortality.

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