The six-year-old girl who was attacked by a rottweiler in Kaatsheuvel in Brabant on Thursday evening is out of danger. Research shows that it is a seizure of one dog instead of two dogs, the police report on Friday.

"The oldest rottweiler was around, but didn't get bitten," police said.

The girl was injured to such an extent that she was taken to hospital by trauma helicopter. She sustained injuries to her leg, among other things.

The biting dog has died trying to free the girl. The owner of the dogs helped with accelerated local residents, writes Omroep Brabant .

There are no indications that the dogs have been aggressive before, the police said. The animals were able to leave the yard through an unlocked gate and then came across the girl playing.

The parents of the child announced on Friday that they would not report the owner of the dogs. The owner has informed that the other dog will not return.