All the drama materials related to Finland's mission to procure protective masks for the Security of Supply Center.

There are fast-paced and beauty entrepreneurs, remittances of millions of euros abroad with account freezes, and a batch of goods that have proved obsolete.

That's how things went.

March 24

The Security of Supply Center opens its security warehouse.

Päivi Sillanaukee, Director General of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, announces in Yle's A-studio that the warehouses will be opened by order of the Ministry. Millions of surgical protectors and masks will be used.

It soon becomes clear that respirators in emergency stocks are out of date. Some of the guards are in such poor condition that their parts are oxidized.

Based on the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health's requests for support, the Huoltovarmuuskeskus will start purchasing more protective equipment from the market.

STM's Chief of Staff Päivi Sillanaukee told in March about the historic decision: emergency stocks will be opened. The aim was to have protective equipment for healthcare. However, it soon became apparent that the respirators in the stocks were obsolete.

Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa

April 3

Tomi Lounema, CEO of the Security of Supply Center, says that 11 aircraft protective equipment has been ordered for Finland to fight the corona pandemic.

The first flight would arrive on Monday, April 6th.

April 5

The prestigious newspaper The New York Times glows how Finland is the best country prepared for a pandemic in the Nordic countries. According to the newspaper, Finland has an enviable amount of protective equipment.

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April 7

A Finnair aircraft will land at Helsinki-Vantaa, bringing 2 million surgical masks and 230,000 respirators.

April 8

VTT's laboratory tests in Tampere reveal that respirators ordered by the Finnish state from China are not suitable for hospital use.

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April 9

The Finnish state's failed respirator trade is intertwined in a strange tangle, says Suomen Kuvalehti.

The state did not order the protectors directly from China, but from Onni Sarmaste, who was running the express delivery company.

Tiina Jylhä, who runs a beauty clinic in Estonia, claimed that she had agreed on a mask delivery. According to him, Sarmaste took a million-dollar deal by informing the Security of Supply Center of the wrong Belgian account number.

Sarmaste’s version was the opposite and he claimed to have made direct trades through his company.

Beauty entrepreneur Tiina Jylhä.

Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva

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April 9

At the press conference, CEO Tomi Lounema says that the center made deals with Onni Sarmaste. In addition, the center entered into a separate agreement with Tiina Jylhä.

The center agreed with both of them on deals worth approximately EUR 5 million.

The contract with Jylhä has been paid in half and has been frozen. The money has been paid in full to Sarmaste.

Tomi Lounema, the former CEO of the Security of Supply Center, held a press conference on Maundy Thursday to explain the strange tangle of masks. However, Minister of Labor Haatainen was not satisfied with the IGC's reports and Lounema had to resign.

Photo: Markku Ulander / Lehtikuva

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April 10

Tiina Jylhä's beauty clinic markets protective masks with a fake certificate, says Helsingin Sanomat. The certificate belongs to another company based on Chinese registers.

Minister of Labor Tuula Haatainen.

Photo: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

Minister of Labor Tuula Haatainen (sd) will publish a Twitter message at 12.32, in which she says that she has demanded further clarification from the management of the Center for Security of Supply. He requires clarification immediately.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) tells IS that the CEO of the Security of Supply Center no longer enjoys the trust of the Prime Minister.

Minister Tuula Haatainen will hold a press conference where she will talk about the resignation of CEO Lounema. The difference took effect immediately. Haatainen has appointed Janne Känkänen as interim CEO.

Känkänen, who was present at the press conference with Haatainen, said that the Huoltovarmuuskeskus has so far agreed with two Finnish companies on protection trade. These companies have been confirmed at VTT and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Känkänen also said that he would launch a wider audit at the Security of Supply Center. According to Känkänen, it will be ensured that there are no ambiguities in the equipment transactions made.