A coronavirus pandemic causes economic problems in almost every industry.

There has been speculation in hockey circles as to whether the funds of the Hockey Foundation could help the problems of the hockey community. However, Matti Nurminen, chairman of the Hockey Association, states that recourse to the foundation's resources would not solve large-scale financial problems.

- There seems to be a picture in the discus and media circles that it is an insatiable recipient, but since 1997 the Hockey Foundation has operated in such a way that, unlike many other associations with foundations, capital has been used during the World Championships, 8–10 years, Nurminen says.

- The money is used for development projects and, for example, for the last eight years, EUR 750 000 a year has been spent on the salaries of full-time clubs' skills coaches. The closer we get to the World Cup (next in Finland in 2022), the less money there will be. Unfortunately, there are no sums that could save the entire Finnish hockey team.

Kalervo Kummola, chairman of the Hockey Foundation, is on the same lines.

Kummola mentions that the 2022 World Cup home championships can move forward a year - this spring's events in Switzerland had to be canceled.

- The foundation's funds have been counted pretty much until the next home races, and its main task is to assist the union. The question is difficult, but there are no large sums there, Kummola says.

He sees “some kind of emergency aid” possible, but doesn’t define it more precisely, when at this point it’s bad to even say what kind of aid it would be. The corona situation in the foundation has not been discussed separately. Opportunities to assist league clubs, for example, are limited.

Nurminen says that the Hockey Association, like every responsible organization, prepares for different options and plans things on paper.

- If the season starts in August-September, the effects on the puck field will remain limited, although they are significant.

- The timing was ok for the club field compared to the situation. On the professional disc side, it was a major blow that the most important games of the season went unplayed. In junior activities, the season was mainly on a sled. Now the operations have been run down and are expected, says Matti Nurminen, CEO of the Hockey Association.

- The effects are very different for different ends. In the Finnish Championship League and Mestis, the situation is very difficult, when significant amounts of income were not received. The timing was easier for the parent-funded portion, i.e. the junior hockey or hobby hoop paid by the enthusiasts.

Has the alliance already received a lot of distress calls from the field?

- On the side of the top disc, it is applied when the input currents left. The biggest difficulties are clearly there.

What is the situation within the Hockey Federation itself?

- Similar to the junior clubs, although of course significant loss of income came when the spring national matches or the World Cup are not played. On the other hand, when the operation is run down, cost savings are also significant. Before the summer, the situation in the union's economy will not be critical if things continue on a relatively normal schedule in the autumn.