The Chinese Embassy in Finland commented on the uproar over Chinese defenses with a short press release. In it, the embassy offers its help in resolving the case.

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Finland ordered two million surgical face shields and 200,000 respirators from China. When the expected protective equipment arrived in Finland on Tuesday, it was noticed that it was not suitable for hospital use. They are suitable for nursing homes instead.

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In its press release, the embassy says it is aware of Wednesday's press conference where the case was discussed. The embassy also says that it noted that, according to what was said at the event, the protectors were bought on the free market.

- We advise the buyer and suppliers to ensure adequate communication so that the matter can be clarified in accordance with the terms of the contract and business principles. The embassy will contact the Finnish Center for Security of Supply for more information and to find out how we can help in this situation, the press release says.

According to the embassy, ​​China attaches great importance to the good quality of export products.

The delegation said in a statement that the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Customs and Medicines Supervision Authority issued a joint statement on the last day of March. It states that respirators, coveralls, respirators, infrared thermometers and reagents used in corona tests for export must be certified by the authorities and meet the quality requirements of the country or region where they are purchased.

Finally, the embassy emphasizes that China and Finland have maintained good communication and cooperation since the coronavirus began to spread.

- China is willing to continue cooperation and mutual support in the fight against the pandemic.

A confusing tangle has developed from the protection trade, in which beauty entrepreneur Tiina Jylhä, lawyer Kari Uoti and businessman Onni Sarmaste are involved. The case is talking about millions of euros and even the angels of Hell.

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