The number of new hospital admissions is considerably smaller with 237 new cases than last Thursday, according to the daily COVID-19 update by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The number of new deaths (148) is also lower than a week earlier, when 166 were reported.

Since March 22, the number of new hospital admissions reported in the daily update was no longer as low as it is now.

The new figures from RIVM do not relate to the actual number of hospital admissions and deaths: these are only reports that have been received by the institute, and there is a delay in this. Nevertheless, the first effects of the measures seem to become visible, according to the RIVM.

The number of confirmed infections has once again increased to 21,762. This means that since the update of Wednesday 1,213 confirmed infections have been reported to RIVM.

However, more people have been tested since this week, making it seem like the disease is spreading faster than before. RIVM emphasizes that this is not the case.

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