The largest super moon of this year can be seen in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in a clear sky. At 4.35 am, the distance between Earth and Moon is 363,595 kilometers.


Tonight the super moon is beautifully visible above the Netherlands. The most beautiful sight at 04:35. We would like to receive your most beautiful moving images of the super moon.

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For comparison, the previous super moon, which was in the sky on Monday, March 9, was 363,972 kilometers from Earth at its 'peak'.

The phenomenon occurs several times a year. The moon appears larger than normal, and because the distance to Earth is shorter, the moonlight also shines much brighter. Many photos are taken by (amateur) photographers when the super moon is in the sky.

The super moon is expected to be seen across the country through the bright spring sky. The wind only turns slightly on Thursday, Weerplaza reports, and it may become less soft in the coastal areas and the north.