Mercedes, the top garage for Formula One, will begin supplying respiratory equipment to the UK healthcare system this week to fight the coronavirus.

The British government previously ordered 10,000 CPAP ventilators from Mercedes. At the Mercedes technology center in Brixworth, up to a thousand pieces of equipment are made per day.

The manufacture utilizes 40 machines that normally produce pistons and turbochargers for formula cars. The entire Brixworth center is harnessed for the operation.

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“Since the project was announced, we have received an incredible number of inquiries about CPAP devices around the world,” said Andy Cowell, CEO of Mercedes Engine Manufacturing.

Respiratory devices that increase the flow of air and thus oxygen to a patient’s lungs have been made in collaboration with University College London. David Lomas, rector of the university’s medical school, praised the project and said the equipment would provide vital support to the NHS.

- It is a phenomenal achievement that the devices arrive at the hospitals only two weeks after the first prototype was completed. This shows what can be done when universities, hospitals and industry are blowing one coal for the benefit of the kingdom, Lomas praised.