Jutta Leerdam does not understand that she was not offered a new contract by Team Reggeborgh. The world champion in the 1,000 meters was quite surprised by the decision of the skating team not to continue with her.

"That came as a surprise," said 21-year-old Leerdam on Tuesday in the TV program Jinek . "They announced it in an email I received later, but first called my manager. The reason was that we do not have the same vision in terms of sports."

Reggeborgh emphasized on Monday that the Leerdam team had "very much liked" to keep, but that both sides were unable to come up during the negotiations. The formation also said goodbye to her friend Koen Verweij, but that came as no surprise.

"After the last game, Koen and I had a conversation and the first thing we heard was: Koen, we are not going to continue with you," said the former junior world champion. "That had not yet been confirmed, but we felt it was coming."

"After that I had an evaluation interview, because I wanted to continue," she continued. "I then submitted my vision to them, in which I indicated that I no longer wanted to go after my own material. We agreed in many areas, but I still received an email saying that our visions are not in line . "



Leerdam: 'I couldn't cheer, but I could cry with joy'

'I was punished for my winning mentality'

Last winter, Leerdam experienced its definitive breakthrough with the Dutch, European and world title in the 1,000 meters. That Reggeborgh did not want to continue with her, was therefore very hard on her.

"I was also shocked, because I never made demands. It feels like a slap in the face. I think I did everything right, but I think I have been punished for my winning mentality."

It is still unclear for which team the born South Holland player will play next season. "I am still at a crossroads: what do I want and what is best for me? Having my own team is also very interesting. I would very much like to take the next step and that is getting Olympic gold."