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Buma Cultuur calls on channels to only run in Dutch
Buma Cultuur, the organization that protects the copyrights of Dutch artists, calls on radio stations to play as much Dutch-language music as possible. The organization reports on NPO Radio 1 that it is an easy way to assist Dutch artists in the current corona crisis.

Artists see a large part of their income go up in smoke as a result of the loss of performances. If radio stations start playing Dutch music structurally, these artists and lyricists can still earn a small income through the copyrights that stations have to pay. Buma pays 2 million euros a month in copyrights for music that radio stations play.

Buma Cultuur director Frank Helmink believes that music compilers of stations have the responsibility to help the Dutch music sector with a concrete action. In France, for example, it is required by law for broadcasters to have a large proportion of the music played in French.

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Emergency desk UWV opens, tens of thousands of applications expected
The UWV opens the emergency desk on Monday at 9 am for employers who have been in trouble due to the corona crisis. Employers can submit an application to have wages up to a maximum of 90 percent reimbursed. The UWV expects tens of thousands of registrations on Monday.

The Temporary Emergency Action Bridge for Job Retention (NOW) has been put in place to prevent companies from falling over and people losing their jobs due to the halted economy as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

The amount of the wage cost allowance depends on the size of the loss of turnover for companies.

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UN Secretary General António Guterres has made a remarkable appeal on Twitter. He is deeply concerned about the global increase due to the social isolation declared in most countries due to the corona crisis. Guterres believes that every person has the right to feel safe at home. That is why he calls on governments to put the safety of women at home high on the agenda.


Peace is not just the absence of war. Many women under lockdown for # COVID19 face violence where they should be safest: in their own homes.Today I appeal for peace in homes around the world.I urge all governments to put women's safety first as they respond to the pandemic.

Avatar Avatar Author Antonio Guterres Moment of places 03: 30 - April 6, 2020

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Municipality approves tapas bar Waddinxveen that was secretly open
In Waddinxveen, the owner of a tapas bar that was open despite the national ban has been punished. His catering establishment is closed and he will be fined. It is not yet clear how high the fine will be.

According to Omroep West , 27 people were present in the bar on Sunday when the police intervened. They were all fined EUR 390 per person for violating the current ban on gathering due to the corona crisis. The owner of the bar also receives a penalty. If the man opens his case again, he will be fined 10,000 euros in any case.

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Sharp drop again in new number of infections in Germany
The Robert Koch Institute announced Monday morning that in Germany at least 95,391 residents are infected with the coronavirus. That is an increase of 3,677 positive tests compared to Sunday. In addition, nearly 100 people died, bringing the death toll to 1,434.

Germany continues to show a positive trend with the number of new infections: for the fourth day in a row, this is a decrease compared to 24 hours earlier. On Sunday 5,936 positive tests were added, Saturday 6,082 and Friday 6,174.

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From now on, four times as much capacity to test Dutch people for virus
More patients and healthcare workers can get tested for COVID-19, the disease that causes the coronavirus, starting Monday. In the coming days and weeks, the number of daily tests will be scaled up from more than 4,000 to about 17,500. Read more here.

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'Government will be more lenient in collecting debts and payment of fines'
People who have a debt to the government or who have to pay a fine will be treated more leniently in the near future because of the corona crisis, according to a letter sent from the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) to bailiffs. There are also no reminders for the time being from DUO at the CJIB for people who cannot pay their student debt. Read more here.

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Number of infections in China is increasing again
China detected 39 new infections on Sunday, again up from the day before, when 30 new infections were detected. Almost all new infections, except one, have been diagnosed in people who have been abroad or who have had contact with someone from abroad. On Sunday, one person died who was infected with the virus.

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Tiger in New York Zoo tests positive for coronavirus
A tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York has been tested positive for the coronavirus, a zoo spokesman told Sunday news agency Reuters. It is the first time that an animal in the United States has been infected with the virus and the first worldwide that a tiger has tested positive for the virus. However, cases of infected cats were previously known.

Nadia, a four-year-old Malaysian female tiger, had a dry cough and is expected to recover, her vet said.

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Capelle aan den IJssel also closes play areas due to gathering
Capelle aan den IJssel will close hanging and playgrounds to prevent the gathering of young people in those places, the mayor of Capelle tells RTV Rijnmond . "I actually want everything to remain open, so it is a pity. You see especially in young people that they think the virus will pass them," said the mayor. Places that are closed are, for example, basketball courts and football cages.

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Scottish head of medical service resigns after not following his own regulations
The head of the Scottish Medical Service, Catherine Calderwood, resigned on Sunday evening. Earlier in the day, she was warned by the Scottish police after failing to observe her own social abstinence measures.

Calderwood had traveled several times between her two homes in Scotland, while the population should stay at home as much as possible and avoid unnecessary journeys. In conversation with The Sun , Calderwood apologizes. "What I did was wrong."

Scotland has 3,345 diagnosed infections. In the country, 218 people died from the effects of the coronavirus.

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British Prime Minister Johnson preceded hospital
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson went to the hospital on Sunday evening on the advice of his doctor to undergo some medical tests, a spokesman for the official residence said. Ten days ago, 55-year-old Johnson was diagnosed with the coronavirus. He has been in home isolation ever since.

The spokesman says there is no medical emergency, but hospitalization is a precaution. Johnson still has symptoms of COVID-19 after ten days. Last Friday he announced that he had a fever.

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Seven hundred children form a virtual choir and sing aria Nessun dorma
In Italy, seven hundred Italian and international children have formed a virtual choir. They sang Nessun dorma , the last aria from Giacomo Puccini's opera Turandot . The children were accompanied by the Europa InCanto orchestra. With the song they want to convey a message of hope and solidarity.


Seven hundred children form a virtual choir and sing aria Nessun dorma

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Queen Elizabeth gives speech: 'We will meet again'
British Queen Elizabeth II addressed the people on Sunday evening about the corona virus. She thanked all caregivers and tried to reassure the people by concluding 'We will meet again'. This is Vera Lynn's song that became a beacon of hope for the British people during World War II.

In the speech, the queen called, among other things, to remain united and determined.


Queen Elizabeth gives speech: 'We will meet again'

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Daily overview corona news: Sunday 5 April

The Netherlands

  • The number of people in the Netherlands who died from the consequences of the coronavirus increased by 115 to 1,766, the RIVM reported in the daily update.
  • In addition, there have been 253 hospital admissions since the Saturday update, the lowest number in recent days.
  • 1,385 patients are currently in intensive care, an increase of 25. Less than Saturday when 36 patients were added.
  • The government is satisfied with how 'we' have behaved during this warm and sunny day, but there have been some 'unacceptable' incidents.
  • For example, the Arnhem police fined 25 people for gathering at the Rijnkade. One person was arrested for insult.

  • Cautiously positive news from abroad: the corona figures in Belgium , Germany and Spain seem to be cautiously moving in the right direction. Spain sees a decrease in new deaths, in Germany there are fewer new infections and Belgium sees a decrease in corona patients in the hospital.
  • The number of new daily deaths is also falling in Italy and France , with an increase today of 'only' 525 people in Italy, the lowest in two weeks, and 357 in French hospitals.
  • In Ecuador , the government has apologized for the dozens of deceased corona patients who were on the street in the city of Guayaquil.

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