Well-known fairy tales get a dark twist in Tell Me A Story and teenage troubles continue in the new season of H3L. Videoland expanded the range further this week. NU.nl makes an overview of the latest releases in collaboration with Superguide .


Tell Me A Story - Season 2
This thriller series once again gives a gloomy twist to famous fairy tales this season. In season one we saw how the three little pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel were transformed into psychological thrillers. The new season is all about iconic princesses. Beauty and the Beast , Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella all get a new story.



Tell Me A Story - Season 2 trailer

H3L - Season 2
H3L is back with a new episode every school day. We follow the twins Tess and Thomas in high school, together with their friends Olivier, Roos and Faiz. Love, quarrels, family drama: the well-known teenage troubles are discussed again.


Flash & the magic house
The young cat Flits has lost his family and ends up with former magician Laurens, who shares a house with a robot and talking pets. Not all of them are happy with their new guest, but they still have to work together. The house is in danger of being taken away by a mean cousin. Laurens' voice is provided by former lawyer Bram Moszkowicz. Jada Borsato spoke the voice of the brave girl Izzie and also provided the title song.

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