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Trump calls on Florida to admit MS Zaandam
Trump has called on Florida authorities to admit the cruise ship MS Zaandam. Several people on the cruise ship were found to be infected with the corona virus last week. Since then, the ship, sailing under the Dutch flag, has been looking for a destination.

Trump is talking to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about admitting the cruise ship. "The passengers are dying on the ship," said the president. The governor of Florida has previously indicated that he wants to refuse the cruise ship. Read more about the situation of MS Zaandam here.

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Deaths due to coronavirus in Germany rise to 732
The number of deaths from the coronavirus in Germany has risen by 149 to 732. The number of reported infections in that country has increased by more than 5,453 cases to more than 67,000, reports the Robert Koch Institute, the German equivalent of the RIVM, on Wednesday.

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Stock markets experience worst quarter since 1987
The coronavirus hit the stock markets worldwide in the first quarter of 2020. The US stock market index S & P500 suffered a loss of twenty percent. The lowest position since 2008. The Wall Street stock market also closed on Tuesday evening with losses for the Dow Jones index and the FTSE of London, among others. They lost 23 and 25 percent respectively in the past quarter.

The stock market is currently hit hard by investors' fears of the consequences of the COVID-19 virus. Read more here.

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Lockdown on Curaçao
On Monday, a lockdown was announced on Curaçao, which will take at least two weeks. Journalist José de Bruin talks about the current situation there.


Lockdown Curaçao: 'It is impossible to imagine'

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United States reports record number of deaths
The United States reports a record number of deaths on Tuesday. According to Johns Hopkins University, another 865 people have died from the effects of the virus. This brings the total number of deaths to 3,873. More than 1,000 people have already died in New York City, the epicenter of the virus.

The number of infections detected is 188,172. This makes the United States the country with the highest number of infections worldwide.

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Italian Prime Minister: "Friendship with the Netherlands remains intact"
If it is up to Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the friendship between Italy and the Dutch people will remain intact. "Conte says in an interview with De Telegraaf .

Italian politicians yesterday wrote in an open letter in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung how unsolidar the Netherlands is in the corona crisis because we oppose giving emergency aid. They found that the Netherlands showed a lack of "ethics and solidarity".

"Many Italians do not understand the opposition from the Dutch authorities to a strong, immediate, rigorous and effective response coordinated at European level to deal with this crisis," said Conte. But according to Conte, there is no anger towards the Dutch people or the Netherlands as a country.

In response to Italy's criticism, Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra yesterday admitted that he is guilty. "We were not empathetic enough," said Hoekstra.

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'Doctors are not allowed to view the corona patient's medical file without agreement'
According to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP), doctors at a GP post or first aid cannot view the medical file of corona patients without the patient's permission. The AP warns ministers Martin van Rijn (Medical Care) and Hugo De Jonge (Public Health) in a letter about this now that they are working on a temporary arrangement that does allow inspection.

"Due to the corona crisis, the Dutch Data Protection Authority finds it justified that the medical data of corona patients can also be viewed temporarily, but only if patients give permission on the spot. Unless the patient is no longer able to do so," chairman Aleid Wolfsen told NRC.

The government believes that the assessment of suspicious cases at general practitioner posts is now too slow due to the current privacy rules. According to the cabinet, there should be an exception where an explicit commitment by the patient is temporarily unnecessary. Read more here.

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Trump: 'US must account for 100,000 to 240,000 deaths'
US President Donald Trump says that the United States should account for 100,000 to 240,000 deaths, even if everyone abides by social abstinence. Without the measures, according to health experts, there could even be millions of deaths.

Trump once again insisted at a news conference that Americans should continue to abide by the guidelines on social abstinence for the next thirty days. "It is a matter of life or death," he said.

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Commander rings the alarm on situation on American aircraft carrier
Captain Brett Crozier, the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, drew attention in a firm letter to the situation of the crew on his aircraft carrier. On the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which has been in a port on Guam for a week, more than a hundred of the five thousand crew members have tested positive for the corona virus, while on the ship it is impossible to keep a sufficient distance from each other. "A political solution is needed," writes Crozier, who advocates measures to prevent further spread of the virus. "We're not in a war, Marines don't have to die." (Photo: Pro Shots / Zuma Press)

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Ethiopia postpones August elections
Ethiopia has postponed the national elections scheduled for late August until further notice. Due to the corona pandemic, the National Electoral Council of the African country had to cease all its activities. The elections should test the policies of reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year. For the time being, 25 infections with the COVID-19 virus have been confirmed in Ethiopia.

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Kids stroll through town in Wales during lockdown
A herd of goats roamed the streets of the abandoned town of Llandudno in Wales on Tuesday. They dare to take to the streets because most people are allowed to take to the streets only for essentials because of the lockdown in Britain.


Goats strolling through town in Wales during lockdown

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US wants to establish hundreds of emergency hospitals
The United States wants to set up 341 emergency hospitals to reduce the pressure that has been placed on the healthcare system by the coronavirus. The US military is looking for hotels, dormitories, convention centers, and large open spaces, the chief of the US military's engineering department Todd Semonite tells TV program Good Morning America on Tuesday. In New York, where almost 76,000 people have been infected with the virus, a field hospital has been set up in Central Park. (Photo: Reuters / Jeenah Moon)

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Guterres wants solidarity in 'biggest test in UN history'
The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), António Guterres, calls the corona pandemic "the biggest test since the UN was founded". The Portuguese, when presenting a report on the socio-economic consequences of the corona virus, calls for "worldwide solidarity". According to Guterres, the worst recession in recent history threatens and coordinated action is needed, especially for poorer countries. "Rich countries must immediately help to support the health care of poorer countries. Otherwise, we must fear that the virus will return to places where it was already suppressed." (Photo: Reuters / Albin Lohr-Jones)

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Daily overview corona news: Tuesday 31 March

The Netherlands

  • The number of people in the Netherlands who died from the effects of the coronavirus increased by 175 to 1,039. In addition, 722 new corona patients have been hospitalized, RIVM reported in the daily update.
  • The cabinet announced that the current emergency measures have been extended until April 28.
  • Minister Hoekstra (Finance) acknowledges that the Netherlands has responded "insufficiently empathically" to Italy and Spain's request for EU financial aid.
  • A 101-year-old woman who was infected with the coronavirus has recovered and was released today from the IJsselland Hospital in Capelle aan den IJssel.
  • One of the four persons who died last week on the cruise ship MS Zaandam was a Dutchman. The cruise ship was supposed to dock in Chile , but was refused on board because of the infected persons.
  • Some 470,000 companies in Germany have registered with the government for short-time working because of the coronavirus. Short-time working allows employers to make employees work less without firing them.
  • Facebook has removed a video of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for spreading false information about the coronavirus. Bolsonaro describes the virus in the video as "a flu".

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