Moreno B., suspected of involvement in the murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum, denies being guilty. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) says on Wednesday that it does not believe its alibi. B. was said to be with his mother on the day of the liquidation.

On Wednesday, an introductory hearing against two of the total of three suspects in the case was filed. Both 31-year-old Moreno B. and 36-year-old Giermo B. were not present at the hearing.

Lawyer Job Knoester was physically present on behalf of Moreno B. Giermo B.'s new lawyer, Jacques Taekema, decided not to attend. Taekema replaces lawyer Tjalling van der Goot, who has lodged the defense for unknown reasons.

Knoester said on Wednesday that his client has an alibi. However, according to the Public Prosecution Service, this story is not conclusive.

Mother states that her son was home on the day of the murder

The mother of Moreno B. has stated according to the OM that her son was at her home on September 18, 2019 and that she woke him up that morning. Even in the evening and night he would have been with his mother and youngest brother.

However, the public prosecutor made it clear at court that this statement does not correspond to that of Moreno B. himself. And the location data of the phones attributed to the suspect make it clear, according to the OM, that he was elsewhere on the day of the murder.

In addition, DNA from Moreno B. was also found in the white Opel Combo used by the shooter. According to Knoester, however, this is a mixing profile and therefore also the DNA of others. In addition, the Public Prosecution Service has not yet announced the role of justice attributed to Moreno B.

He is suspected of complicity or complicity in the murder. The prosecution assumes that Wiersum was shot because he assisted crown witness Nabil B. in the trial of Ridouan T. One of the suspects of involvement in the liquidation of Wiersum is T.'s cousin Anouar T.



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