The coronavirus epidemic that has afflicted the world has left little to no account of the miracle of spring coming.

Now if ever you should rejoice, Easter is fast approaching. There are positive things to say about the weather.

- High-volume mode still seems to be changing. Still 6.4. In the beginning of the week the weather in Finland will see the effect of low pressure, but after that the change is coming from the west. There is warm high pressure, Foreca meteorologist Juha Föhr tells Ilta-Sanomat.

He points out that the further the forecast goes, the more uncertain it becomes.

The turn is happening towards warmer

10.4 is Good Friday, Easter is Sunday 12.4. and the second Easter day is Monday, April 13th. What can the weather say about Easter?

- If the intermediate pressure reaches Finland, there is clearly a warming up. Easter does not seem to be rainy either, although there is still a small area of ​​low pressure across Finland between Friday and Saturday. The actual Easter can be spent in warm and chilly weather, says Föhr.

Foreca also tells in its Twitter account how warmer the weather will be in Finland after this week's cool.

Foreca's Monthly Forecast tells us that April starts with a cooler week. However, warmer than average weather is forecast for the rest of the year.

The weather in Finland is still largely cooler than the average turn of March / April. However, April is forecast to continue warmer than average throughout the month after this week, Foreca meteorologist Joanna Rinne tells Ilta-Sanomat.

Weeks warm around Easter

He says that the weeks around Easter look warmer than average.

According to statistics, the average highs of the period are 4 to 6 degrees in the south of March, 2 to 4 degrees in the south, 0 to 2 degrees in most of Lapland and Kainuu and mostly to zero or slightly freezing in northern Lapland.

- Next week, the warm season will return to much of Europe. The exceptions are Lapland, Iceland and the Greek and Turkish regions. Central Europe and Spain are forecast to be 3-4 degrees warmer than normal. The forecast for the second half of April in Europe will be slightly warmer than average, says Rinne.

Virpids can get moving in wonderful weather.

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The victory of spring is approaching

Easter is the center and peak of the church year. It can bring great weather this year as well.

If the averages are exceeded, it knows that Easter can become wonderfully chilly and warm.

What would be the temperature in southern Finland if the best option were realized between April 11 and April 13?

- The forecast ends on April 10th, so it is not known from then on, but April 10th. Up to now, temperatures well over 10 degrees Celsius have been predicted to the south. The exact reading depends on the cloud, says Joanna Rinne of Foreca.