The Helsinki Sports Department was scheduled to deal with donations received from HSK's City of Skating Club at its meeting on Thursday, but the handling will be postponed to May. The new meeting day is May 14th.

- The transfer of the meeting is not related to HSK. We have had a few system issues with assistance processing. In addition, due to the corona situation, the City's recommendation is to reduce the number of meetings of the governing bodies, said Tarja Loikkanen, Sports Director of Helsinki, told STT.

HSK has been in the headlines after the club's figure skating coach Miriam Penttinen received from the Figure Skating Federation in January for her one-year ban on non-compete.

According to the federation, the coach committed violations of the ethical rules of the sport by, among other things, using inappropriate language, shouting and humiliating him / her repeatedly. The union and the club have been torn by HSK's decision to restore Penttinen's work obligation on March 8.

The city subsidy to HSK last year was approximately EUR 70,000.