Berlin (dpa) - Long-time IOC member Richard Pound has defended the International Olympic Committee against criticism that the decision to postpone the Olympic Games in Tokyo was made too late.

"I don't think there have been any serious mistakes on the part of the IOC or its president," said the 78-year-old in the "sports talk" of Deutschlandfunk. «The measures taken were coordinated and well communicated. It is difficult for me to find an aspect to complain about, »said the Canadian. Pound has been negotiating the IOC's television contracts for 42 years and was the first president of the World Anti-Doping Agency Wada.

Pound supports the behavior of the IOC Executive Committee, which is accused of making a late decision. IOC President Thomas Bach also did the right thing: «Under these circumstances, nobody would call for resignation. Once again: When the fog clears, you will see that the IOC has acted as an important, reliable and international organization. »

Pound believes that the late decision may also have been due to the host Japan's assessment of its own situation as hopeful and initially not seeing the rest of the world.

Preparations for the games in 2021 would now be complex: “There are thousands and thousands of things to restructure. You will need all the time available for this, »said the Canadian.

Deutschlandfunk interview with Pound