For about two weeks now, politicians in Germany have been asking people to avoid social contacts and to stay at home if possible. The hands should be washed regularly and you should only go out if it is unavoidable. In Germany, many people live on the streets who cannot isolate themselves against the corona virus. In addition, accommodation and care facilities, such as the plaque, remain closed to prevent infection of people who otherwise work there. In a Berlin district, homeless people are now to be accommodated in hostels. Hannes Leitlein, political editor at ZEIT ONLINE, looked at the project. Mounia Meiborg reports on how it works, whether it could be used across Germany and how those affected react to the coronavirus crisis.

Because of the measures against the spread of the corona virus, almost everything is closed: offices, hairdressers, pubs and also gyms. Sports must therefore be done at home or outdoors. Some are looking for workout videos online, others are rolling out the yoga mat in the bedroom and still others are running shoes and jogging through the neighborhood. In many parks, jogging is sometimes very close and no 1.5 meter safety distance is maintained. But can you get infected from someone outside and in motion at all? Christian Spiller answers that. The ZEIT-ONLINE sports editor is of the opinion that jogging is the perfect pandemic sport, and also gives a few tips for beginners.

And otherwise? Lindenstrasse says "goodbye".

Assistance: Katharina Heflik, Anne Schwedt
Moderation: Mounia Meiborg

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