On Monday night, at a White House briefing, US President Donald Trump extended his estimate of the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

In his daily briefing, Trump stated that the administration's isolation regulations are in place until the end of April. The purpose of the regulations is to slow down the spread of the virus.

According to Trump, coronavirus deaths are likely to reach their peak within two weeks.

Trump said the United States was "on the road to recovery" by June 1. Earlier, the target was set for Easter, says Reuters.

In the United States, 518 people have died each day as a result of coronavirus infection. It is the highest daily figure in the country during the epidemic, reports AFP.

The number of reported infections increased by more than 20,000 daily, according to Johns Hopkins University, a global coronavirus survey.

In total, at least about 137,000 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the United States, according to the university. A total of some 2,400 people have died as a result of the infection.

The United States has the highest reported infection rate in the world.