Emmi Granlund said on Instagram on Sunday that she and her NHL hockey player Mikael Granlund were in great sadness. The much-awaited baby girl was born dead last Tuesday.

Granlund shared a picture and a touching memoir.

- Our little angeless was born on Tuesday with a cardiac arrest. We find hope that we know he is our guardian angel up there. We believe there is a reason for everything to happen, Granlund wrote in a photo he published.

Granlund's Followers contributed to the couple's grief.

Emmi Granlund's Instagram post garnered some 1,300 comments in just two hours. The message field was filled with condolences.

Among the participants were: Mikael Granlund is familiar with the world of hockey and their spouses and friends of Emmi Granlund.

- My condolences. Power for the whole family, wrote Jussi Jokinen, Granlund's playmate on the Lion.

- I take part, wrote Olli Jokinen's wife, Katerina, and attached a picture of several broken hearts.

Kiira Korpi wrote the same.

For many, finding words was difficult.

For example, Sara Parikka of Encrypted Lives, Elisha Cuthbert, known from the 24 series, model Suvi Tiilikainen, former NHL hockey player Sean Begenheim and Metti Forssell, sent power and prayer to the couple with emoji.

The girl would have been the second newcomer to the young family. Granlunde gave birth to Milo in February last year.