Coronavirus pandemics are also seen worldwide in special suspicions of crime: in several countries, it has been reported how people claimed to have been infected with coronavirus and then coughed up towards other people. In some countries, behavior can even lead to imprisonment.

Last weekend in Bergen, Norway, police interrupted a home party. The 20-year-old coughed and coughed up to the police, interfering with the intervention, claiming he had the covid-19 disease caused by coronavirus, Aftonbladet reports on the basis of NTB news agency. The person arrested was not found to be infected, but has to take legal action.

In Denmark, a 20-year-old man was wanted on Sunday after shouting "Korona" and coughing up two police officers. The man is suspected of violence against an official, Expressen says.

There have also been reports in the UK of people who claim to have covid-19 have coughed up in important occupations. Important occupations include, for example, rescue workers, medical staff and police.

For example, on Tuesday, a man in his forties spit on the police saying he wanted to give covid-19 to the police. The police had instructed the man to go home according to government instructions.

In the UK, coughing in the face of threats or coughing in occupations important to the functioning of society can fulfill the characteristics of assault. In England and Wales, assault can lead to six months in prison. An attack on working rescue workers could result in up to two years in prison, the BBC says.

In Australia, a man deliberately coughed up a grocery store employee. The employee had tried to persuade clients to maintain adequate safety clearance when the dispute flared up.

In addition, the caretaker was also attacked. A 25-year-old caregiver was ordering a takeaway meal as an elderly woman walked into a restaurant. A woman believed to be about 70 years old deliberately started coughing toward a younger woman. Later, when a nurse tried to leave the store, the old man insulted the woman and hit her twice in the face, police told

In Australia, fines of around $ 550, or even imprisonment, can be imposed if you violate government restrictions.

- Such dangerous behavior must stop immediately. It could put workers and their families at risk, Police and Civil Protection Minister David Elliott said in a news release.

- For such a disgusting act, you may be charged with assault, which can lead to up to two years in prison.