Commuter traffic must be careful on Friday morning for slippery roads on Dutch roads. The KNMI considers the situation to be so dangerous that code has been issued for the entire country, with the exception of the Wadden Islands. The rest of the day mainly looks sunny. It gets a maximum of 7 degrees.

Code yellow is canceled throughout the country at 9 a.m. After that it stays mostly sunny, until cloud fields drift into the country during the afternoon.

In the southwest there are also showers that slowly move across the country. When the temperature drops in the evening and the showers are in the northeast, wet snow can fall there.

This does not necessarily mean that the road will get slippery on Saturday morning: KNMI expects it to get warmer in the night from Friday to Saturday than last night, with a minimum temperature of 3 degrees.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Saturday Current weather type 11 ° 2 ° SW 6
Sunday Current weather type 9 ° 4 ° SW 6
Monday Current weather type 8 ° 3 ° SW 4
Tuesday Current weather type 8 ° 2 ° W 4
Wednesday Current weather type 7 ° 2 ° Z 4