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PS youth funding at stake due to fascist speeches - Ministry picks Jaloe's answers to five questions


Young people from the Ps may lose their funding, even though Vice-President Toni Jalonen, who has been declared a fascist, resigned.

State aid for young Finns is at stake when Vice President Toni Jalonen declares himself a fascist. Jalonen resigned as a result of the uproar, but the Ministry of Education and Culture still wants to hear the organisation's views on fascism.

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Jalonen declared himself a fascist at the Etnofutur conference in Tallinn this weekend. Wearing a black shirt and a blue tie, Jalonen said in his English speech that he was "an ethnonationalist, a traditionalist and a fascist." At the beginning of his speech, Jalonen introduces himself as one of the chairmen of a youth organization and a member of Sisu Finland.

On Tuesday, the ministry sent a statement to the organization asking the Ps youth to answer five questions. The Ministry is interested in the role played by Jalonen in the trip and whether the organization will take action. The Ministry also inquires about the organisation's approach to ethnonationalism and fascism. In addition, the Ministry wants to hear how the organization is working to ensure that it does not engage in activities that violate the Youth Act.

Extract of a request for clarification sent to Young Finns.

Image: Extract from the document

The questions are:

1. Did the vice-president of your organization attend the aforementioned EtnoFutur IV event as a private individual or as a representative of the Young Finns Association?

2. Did your organization pay travel expenses for your trip to Tallinn from your organization's funds?

3. What is your organization's position on ethnonationalism and fascism, and can those who support these ideas work in your organization?

4. What kind of internal control mechanisms do you have in place in your organization for non-compliance with youth law within your organization (in your discussions with the Ministry and in your written report you have stated that you will put these mechanisms in order)?

5. How does your organization intend to deal with the membership and vice-chair status of the Vice-President in question?

After hearing the replies, the Ministry will assess whether it is appropriate to address the issue of recovery of the already granted government subsidy or suspension of payment of the outstanding balance. The youth organization received a grant of 91,000 euros this year.

Response time is Tuesday of next week.

Toni Jalonen declared herself a fascist at the Etnofutur conference in Tallinn this weekend.

Photo: Matias Rantala / Leaf photo

Jalonen has already been expensive for the organization.

Last year, the ministry withdrew its $ 115,000 funding for PS youth because it considered the organization to be in violation of the Youth Act. At that time, the withdrawal was related to a tweet shared by Jason and his Ps youth on Twitter, which was interpreted as an invitation to vote for Finns in the European elections so that there would be no people of a different color from the main population in Finland.

The Basic Party of Finland took a clear stance on fascism.

According to Chairman Jussi Halla-aho, there is no place for basic Finns in fascist thinking. According to party secretary Simo Grönroos, Monday, Jalonen estimates he will be dismissed because of fascist rhetoric.

Source: isfi

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