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From sports and desks: Protect irritated tendons long enough


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Cologne (dpa / tmn) - An irritated tendon above all needs rest - for at least three, sometimes even six weeks. Because the stressed tissue takes time to recover.

The Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWIG) warns on if there is no opportunity to do so, long-term even a tendon tear.

It is not necessary to rest completely

Those affected should therefore take care of the irritated tendon. However, the affected part of the body does not have to be completely still, movement is still allowed. However, one should avoid exactly the stress that led to the irritation.

Because usually a frequently repeated movement is the cause of the complaints - be it jumping in volleyball, jogging or long working with the mouse. Depending on the cause, the heel, arm and shoulder or the knees may be affected.

Associations can help

Sometimes it makes sense to support the tissue recovery with splints or bandages. Those affected should also make sure to adjust their daily workload.

This can mean, for example, postponing gardening and bulk shopping or getting help. And athletes who do not want to do without training altogether may be able to switch to other sports - or at least reduce the intensity.

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