School umbrella iHub, which includes dozens of schools for secondary special education in the Randstad, sounds the alarm on Friday about increasing violence in schools and students who have fire and stab weapons in their pocket.

Director Mariëtte van Leeuwen says in conversation with RTL News that "if we continue to cover this up and not put it on the agenda, there will ultimately be no solution".

According to Van Leeuwen, the issue plays a role at various schools within the umbrella organization. It would concern a variety of incidents, such as blowing up a toilet or façade, a student with a loaded gun in the classroom or students with knives in their pockets. There would also be regular "gangs" at the door, "because there is a prize on the head of our student".

According to Van Leeuwen, the schools are not succeeding in preventing students from taking weapons inside. Recently, a student may even have aimed a gun at a school employee. "There could have been deaths," said the umbrella director. Teachers also tell RTL News that they are increasingly frightened.

Finally, the umbrella also lacks sufficient support from the police and the judiciary. "They will only come if things go wrong", says Van Leeuwen.

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