A couple of weeks ago, South Korean film Parasite made history by winning the Best Film Oscar for Non-English Language Film for the first time. Parasite was a success at the Oscar gala, collecting three other verticals, including Best Direction.

President Trump starred at an Oscar winner during a campaign ceremony in Colodaro Springs, Colorado on Thursday.

- How awful were the Oscars this year? threw Trump to his supporters imitating the prize winner: "And the winner is a movie from South Korea!"

- What the hell was this? We have enough trade problems with South Korea. And on top of that, they give them the best movie award of the year?

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Trump had to come up with what he thought were better options for the golden age of Hollywood:

- Can we get some Wind back? Trump threw in with reference to the historical drama 80 years ago.

Parasite grabs Oscars, directed by Bong Joon Hon from South Korea.

Photo: SHEET / AFP

Trump said he didn't know if Parasite was even a good movie, suggesting he hadn't watched it.

In the United States, Neon, the best cinema distributor, responded to Trump on Twitter, stating that the president's heartbreak over a subtitled movie is "understandable because he can't read".

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Trump was also annoyed by the thank-you speech of Best Actor Oscar-winning Brad Pitt at the gala. In his speech, Pitt threw a boisterous reference to US day-to-day politics and Trump's criminal trial.

"They told me I had 45 seconds to speak, which is 45 seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton," Pitt joked, referring to Trump's former adviser, who was not allowed to testify in court.

Trump responded that he had never been a fan of Brad Pitts.

- He's just a little sage, Trump acknowledged.

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