Lewis Hamilton, 35, progresses to the title of the most successful F1 driver in history.

He is one of the greatest of all time already.

However, Hamilton is not just big on the track. In recent years, the British have also taken on a greater role as a voice. Such is rare among F1 drivers, but Hamilton is one of advocated for animal rights as well as concern for the inevitable degradation and over-consumption of the planet. He hasn't been afraid to talk about injustice or take a stand on things that may be embarrassing for star-studded wage earners.

Lewis Hamilton called for diversity and equality in formulas.

Photo: Xavier Bonilla / ZumaPress

Recently, the Englishman has spoken out in favor of equality and heterogeneity in his own sport, motor racing and, above all, formula one. He brought it to the wall recently at the Laureus Gala after winning the Male Athlete of the Year award with Lionel Messi. In his thank-you speech, Hamilton longed for gender equality.

Hamilton took a stand on kingdom-class diversity at the Barcelona F1 Test lunch press conference on Thursday.

- If I'm honest, then now is the beginning of my mandate 14. Formula One and I see almost no change in this area. And I'm not just talking about junkies, but engineers, catering, media personnel and so on. I have no answer as to why this is the case, but I can assure you that I will do more in the future, Hamilton said.

A few years ago, the British said they had also warned Toto Wolff, the captain of their stable.

- In our stable, I see a little more different people at the factory. I told the Toto few years ago, and even he was not even figured out the issue but said that so when I asked why I am the only one, Hamilton said.

He is the first dark-skinned driver in F1 history.

- This species does not see a terribly wide range of people from different backgrounds, people of different religions or gender.

James Allison, chief technical officer at Mercedes, pointed out that changes are being made at the stables factories - though perhaps not as quickly as desirable.

- Thirty years ago, when I came into the sport, this was all about white, nerdy men. They are still dominant, but people of different backgrounds and backgrounds are also involved.

Lewis Hamilton testing his Mercedes on Thursday formulating winter tests.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / ZumaPress

How long will Hamilton himself still be involved - and will he drive for Mersu next season? Big questions there too. The deal is a hot potato, but Hamilton himself is not in a hurry yet.

The previous deal with Mercedes came to fruition when Hamilton and Wolff sat on the British couch for hours negotiating. According to the driver, the next paper has not yet been negotiated and Hamilton has not yet considered his new deal.

- I have to think about what I'm going to do in the next 5 to 10 years. The decisions I make now affect my future. When I quit my career, I want to keep doing other things.

Hamilton has been happy at Mercer breads.

- Here, I've got to be who I am. I am not told to be certain or to dress in any way. This sometimes happens in other places. Even so, questions are always asked about how other things I do affect my driving. The results speak for themselves.