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Comment: Ohisalo in the Greens is in distress - and it is already tearing up the government


The pressure from her own is pressing heavier on Maria Ohisalo's shoulders, writes Hanna Vesala, news producer at Ilta-Sanomat.

Greens chairwoman Maria Ohisalo is in distress and can be seen and heard. Being in the party's government has not materialized in the climate and environmental issues that are important to it. My own in the parliamentary group are starting to breathe harder in the chair's neck, and the support curve is not pointing in the right direction.

A picture of an inexperienced Green Parliamentary group is being painted for the IS in government circles, and the pressures that are coming on it are beginning to appear in Ohisalo's making. The Greens have a lot of first-term MPs who are not considered to have any realistic picture of what it means to be a government party.

Ohisalo is said to be doing his job in a very professional way, but he also sits in Parliament for the first time and at the same time takes over the role of party chairman and interior minister.

Together, this creates an equation in which he does not always know what would be the most sensible way of promoting unity in government. Old parties are described as having more solid experience and skills in government work.

As tensions within the Greens increase, tensions between the Greens and other government parties will also increase, and the green stone will not only rub in the center. The arbitrary exits of Ohisalo about possible refugee children being taken from Greek camps caused only unnecessary confusion. The output of the Ohisalo can only be considered to be for the comfort of one's own.

Ohisalo went to the government's climate summit in Vuosaari on their own hard pressures on their neck, and the results did not subside at all. There were hopes in the Greens that even some sort of mini-government conference could take place in Vuosaari. This was knocked out by IS from the center completely before the meeting. The Vuosaari camp seemed to be on its way to collision, simply because its results were very different, especially between the Greens and the city center.

But the controversy surrounding the meeting also led to a dangerous collision. In the morning, Helsingin Sanomat said that Katri Kulmun and Ohisalo, the center of the city, had brought together at Kesäranta what the meeting's policy on climate sinks in the land use sector should be. According to Prime Minister Sanna Marin, the compromise reached was sufficient. Ohisalo called for a stricter policy and received fire support from Li Andersson.

Suddenly Ohisalo and his assistants left and left the others confused to continue the preparations for the next day's meeting. Ohisalo headed for the Green Parliamentary Crisis Meeting. According to HS, the table at the meeting also talked about whether sitting on the board makes sense anymore. Finally, the greens appeared on Vuosaari in the morning.

Thus, the Greens' parliamentary group is quite impatient and the meaningfulness of all government cooperation is being questioned. At the same time, the surface at Ohisalo and its exits is beginning to tighten in the government. Outputs from the Greens look as if the Greens are sitting in opposition and government at the same time.

In government cooperation, raisins alone cannot be picked from the bun.

The problems of the Greens are largely compounded by internal controversies within the government. It is useless to dream of doing things outside of the government program, and it is difficult for the Greens to get through to their constituents important issues because they repeatedly bump into the center.

This is where the big challenge for the Greens in the government arises. The headboards negotiating the downtown government program prevent it from implementing what its voters promised. Even sufficient compromises are difficult to find.

The government's horror balance works just like that. The Greens will not get through the climate and environmental measures they want because the center. The Greens might have some harder employment measures for the center, but not for the Sdp and the Left Alliance. They do not want to take economic and employment measures to vaccinate their own voters.

Because things in the government are not going the way they want, they are standing on the green barricades in demonstrations. Last month, Iiris Suomela and Jenni Pitko, along with Veronika Honkasalo (left), were in a protest against forced return. Of course, even a government can participate in demonstrations, which is a right for every citizen, but there is now a seat in the government to defend the human rights of asylum seekers.

Even with regard to immigration, the wishes of the Greens are often fed up with the downtown side boards.

The fact that Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) started as a prelude to the government's situation, and possibly a process that will continue until the end of the year, hangs over Marin's (sd) government, does not make things easier for the government.

The Greens' group chair, Emma Kari, sought to turn the investigation launched by the foreign minister into a victory by explaining that the "reminder" of the opposition now goes to the prosecutor general, "only one point" of the original five.

Isn't that enough already? Police inquiries will determine whether Haavisto has acted effectively or with retaliation against his subordinate. Greens chair Maria Ohisalo underlined that everything was just about the need to help Finnish children in conditions such as prison camps.

The message sounds, when considered more closely, that purpose can sanctify means. After all, the al-Hol jupe was ignited to a large extent from the outset. Ohisalo repeatedly sticks to the child card and is a crappy way to answer it without being labeled as a heartless cruel who doesn't care about children in difficult circumstances.

This role was sought to be marked by the center, when it raised the problems of bringing children from the Greek camp to Finland. In the People's News of the Left Alliance, Kulmun Center was labeled a burden on the government. The center is on the board a burden or a brakeman depending on the viewpoint.

Now, however, the problems seem to be coming increasingly from the pain of the Greens. The work peace of the Sanna Marin government is going to be rather short-lived. The frame work is becoming a real touchstone for the government, even though the Prime Minister has already said that economic and employment issues may be delayed due to the labor market situation.

Source: isfi

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