Russian President Vladimir Putin was on a visit to his hometown of St. Petersburg on Wednesday when he was suddenly taken a hard exam.

Putin, a charred woman who was in the crowd watching the president's visit.

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The entire exchange was recorded on video.

- Is it possible to live for 10,800 rubles (about € 160)? the woman asked.

"I think it's really difficult," Putin replied.

"Your salary is probably about Rs 800,000 (about Rs 11,600)," she continued.

"Not only me, there are much higher salaries," Putin replied, according to the Moscow Times. - The president doesn't have the highest salary.

She continued by listing how much money she was spending on living and grocery shopping.

Putin defended himself by talking about recent improvements in social security.

"Of course you're right, we still have a lot of social problems that the government has to solve," he continued, according to AFP.

- Why don't you solve them? the woman clicked back.

- We're solving them right now.

Finally, the woman asked the president to take a picture with her.

Putin's response was immediately compared with ex-Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's infamous statement, according to the Moscow Times.

In 2016, a poor retired woman approached Medvedev to complain that pensions were not index-adjusted.

- No money, but stay strong. All the best. Have a good day and good health, Medvedev replied.

Putin is known to be happy to answer citizens' questions at multi-hour events that are broadcast live on television. However, the questions and their authors have been pre-selected.

It was unclear how spontaneous the Wednesday encounter was. A video of the event was also posted on the Kremlin's official website.