Kirsten Ursula Martens has a position with poor prospects: In the Alstertal-Walddörfer constituency, she is running for 6th place for the SPD. If things go really well, her party will get two candidates here, possibly it is only enough for those in 1st place: Finance Senator Andreas Dressel. But who knows? Maybe Martens will get more votes than the party celebrity. Behind her name is "Pediatric Nurse" as a job title. Martens is now working as an office worker - who wants to blame her, nursing professions are hard and poorly paid. Still, it's strategically wise to use your previous job to solicit votes. Nurses are popular with the electorate. This is what her party friend Doris Müller knows about, who was surprisingly elected to the citizens in 2011 from a hopeless country list position, without any election campaign. Hateful voices consider Müller's seat in the parliament to be an election accident. She sees it differently. "When people see the job title of nurse on the election form, they can be sure that this is someone who is socially committed," she says.