On Monday the sun comes through at the start of the day, later stacking clouds and heavy showers can sometimes come over the country. There is a moderate to strong southwest wind and the average will be 10 degrees.

The showers can be accompanied by hail, thunderstorms and heavy gusts of wind up to around 75 kilometers per hour. In the afternoon there are showers from west to east. In the coastal area the wind is quite strong to strong, at sea and near the IJsselmeer strong to stormy.

With 8 degrees in the northwest and 10 degrees in the southeast, it is colder than in recent days, but still remains soft.

Also on Tuesday the weather is changeable. Rainfall falls in different parts of the country. Wednesday it mainly rains in the morning. On both days the temperature is fairly mild with an average of around 8 degrees.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Tuesday Current weather type 9 ° 4 ° ZW 5
Wednesday Current weather type 7 ° 3 ° W 4
Thursday Current weather type 9 ° 4 ° SW 4
Friday Current weather type 8 ° 3 ° SW 4
Saturday Current weather type 10 ° 7 ° W 6