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Hungary: Victor Orban Orban wants to plant ten trees for each newborn


The climate protection measure aims to increase Hungary's forest area by 27 percent by 2030. Hungary had repeatedly questioned the need for this.

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has announced an unusual climate protection measure: In his speech on the state of the nation, the right-wing conservative politician said that in future he would have ten trees planted for every newborn in Hungary. This measure would increase Hungary's forest area by 27 percent by 2030.

Orban's National Energy and Climate Plan sets out the goal of producing 90 percent of the country's energy in a climate-neutral way by 2030. In particular, nuclear power and solar energy should be used for this. From 2022, only buses with an electric drive should drive in cities in Hungary. In addition, environmental protection measures in small and medium-sized companies are to be subsidized by the state.

In the past, Orban's government had repeatedly questioned the need for climate action.

Public consultation against action by the judiciary

Orban also announced in his speech that he plans to use a new referendum to deal with alleged excesses of the judiciary. "Their judgments favor convicted violent criminals over law-abiding citizens," he said. The right-wing national government leader referred to thousands of cases in which the Hungarian state had to pay compensation to prisoners for not having been in compliance with the law.

"Organizations and hired lawyers have launched a mass of litigation under abuse of legal protection," he said. One could not stand idly by. In this speech, Orban also attacked liberal US billionaire George Soros, who supports humanitarian causes worldwide. Orban assumes that he is organizing the mass immigration of Muslims to Europe. He has no evidence of this.

The announced referendum will also deal with the payment of compensation that, according to a court ruling, is due to a group of Roma for illegally spending their entire school years in a separate school. "Nobody should get money who didn't work for it," said Orban.

The referenda that Orban calls "national consultations" consist of questionnaires that are sent to all households. The questions are formulated suggestively and are intended to confirm Orban's policies. They have no legal consequences, the evaluation is not transparent. So far there have been eight such "consultations", including a number on migration and asylum policies.

Source: zeit

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