Patrick Roest won all 5 kilometers he rode this season, except for the most important Thursday at the World Championship distances in Salt Lake City. And afterwards he was also disqualified because he did not have his bracelet on.

Half an hour after his race at the Utah Olympic Oval, Roest sits on the stairs leading to the center area with his head bowed. He hardly seems to notice an encouraging tap from teammate Sven Kramer.

The 24-year-old Dutchman won the 5,000 meters this winter at the World Cup qualifying tournament, at the World Cups in Minsk, Tomaszów-Mazowiecki and Calgary and at the Dutch Championships and European Championships distances. But at the biggest race of the season, Roest collapsed in the second part of his race and, with 6.08.58, he did not go further than the fourth time.

That the world champion all-round is subsequently scrapped from the result was almost a side issue. "I don't care very much about being fourth or disqualifying, I came here to win and I didn't succeed," says a very disappointed Roest, who had forgotten to take on his band before his race.

"There is always a jury member at the bench and he puts your bracelet on, but I did not see her and she did not pay attention to me. Of course I have to think about that myself, but I was so focused on my race that I have not paid attention. "


Roest responds to disqualification 5,000 meters: "I forgot my tape"

"It's really uncomfortable that it won't work again"

Only when Roest crossed the finish line did he realize his mistake. But even more painful was the time and the foursome that he saw standing behind his name on the scoreboard. The Lekkerkerker was more than four seconds slower than the Canadian winner Ted-Jan Bloemen (6.04.37).

"The start of my race was still good, but the legs were not as they should be and I could not extend it. After five laps it was already working and then you know it will be difficult."

Last year Roest was also the man of the season on the 5 kilometer, but he had to settle for silver at the World Championship distances behind the Norwegian Sverre Lunde Pedersen.

"Since then I have already won my 5 kilometers. The fact that it will not work again at the World Cup is just really a mess. I have no idea what the explanation is, we have to look at it. At the moment it is only unwise bales. "

Roest comes into action on the second day of the World Championship on the 10 kilometer on Friday. The program starts at 10 p.m. (Dutch time) with that distance.

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