The spring break that starts Friday in the North region will lead to long traffic jams in the direction of winter sports countries, warns the ANWB. On Saturdays in particular, holidaymakers must take into account traffic jams in Germany, Austria and France.

In Germany it is expected to be busy on Friday evenings. On Saturday there will be traffic jams on the A5 between Karlsruhe and Basel, the A7 between Ulm and Füssen, the A8 between Stuttgart, Munich and Salzburg and the A93 between Rosenheim and Kufstein.

The worst delays on the B179, A10, A12 and S16 are expected in Austria.

The ANWB also reports that returning winter sports enthusiasts may be delayed due to border controls between Austria and Germany.

The snow conditions in the popular winter sports countries are good this weekend. Most Dutch people who go on winter sports travel to Austria. France, Germany and Switzerland are also popular destinations.

In the Netherlands itself, the ANWB does not expect extra traffic on the roads on Friday and Saturday.