Los Angeles (dpa) - OG, ninjas in pajamas and team secret emerged as winners from the top-team qualification tournament for the Dota-2 major in Los Angeles. Among others, Alliance, Nigma and Team Liquid have to fight for the qualification for ESL One Los Angeles.

The performance of Team Secret was striking in the qualification round. The team of Clement "Puppey" Ivanov once again proved why they are playing with the best. With an innovative selection of heroes and superior play skills, the squad qualified without losing a single match.

OG was almost as dominant. Despite the new additions from Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan and Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng, the double world champions showed a remarkable consistency. Under the leadership of Johan «N0tail» Sundstein, the squad secured second place with a dominant 2: 0 against aggressive fashion. The new stars of the team seem to have settled in well.

In the race for third place, there were initially technical difficulties. Due to an internet failure at Duško «BoraNija» Boranijaševic, the Serb playing at Aggressive Mode had to continue playing for a short time from a nearby LAN café.

The series of ninjas in pajamas was won. After repeated player transfers due to largely mediocre placements, Peter «ppd» Dager seems to have found the formula for victory again. It will be shown in Los Angeles whether the good results will continue.

For teams that missed the qualification, the only way to the Los Angeles Major is to win the Starladder Minor. One of eight places is reserved for Europe. Whoever gets it will turn out on Friday. The three teams with German participation, Team Liquid, Alliance and Nigma as well as Aggressive Mode are in the race.

ESL One Los Angeles