Offenbach / Main (dpa) - The hurricane "Sabine" coming from the Atlantic is getting closer. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), people on the North Sea are likely to feel the first foothills on Sunday morning.

Over the course of the day, «Sabine» spreads to the entire north and center of Germany with heavy gusts of wind and individual hurricane gusts, as the DWD announced on Saturday.

In the middle of Germany the peak of the storm was reached on Monday night, in the south on Monday in the early morning, said Sebastian Altnau from the DWD forecast center. "It hits rush hour traffic there." The hurricane is accompanied in many places by heavy showers and thunderstorms.

«Sabine» will let off steam particularly violently on the North Sea, in the mountains and in particularly exposed locations. According to the DWD, hurricane gusts are generally to be expected there. From a wind force of 118 kilometers per hour, it is a hurricane. "On the Brocken in the Harz Mountains, the Feldberg in the Black Forest and on the Alpine peaks, the wind can reach speeds of more than 140 kilometers per hour," said Altnau.

On Monday, the hurricane low will mainly sweep through southern Germany, otherwise the gusts will ease somewhat. However, with numerous rains, snow remains quite uncomfortable in the mountains. "Monday will generally be a stormy day," said Altnau.

The prospects are not much better for Tuesday either: According to DWD, a new, smaller low is approaching Tuesday night. It remains wet and cold and stormy. The snow line drops to around 500 meters.

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