Offenbach / Main (dpa) - The Germans have to prepare for a hurricane and massive traffic delays for Sunday and Monday. "This is going to be dangerous," warned meteorologist Andreas Friedrich from the German Weather Service (DWD) on Friday.

First of all, the hurricane "Sabine", coming from the Atlantic, is expected to hit northwest Germany around noon on Sunday. According to current weather models, hurricane gusts at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour can be expected on the North Sea coast.

In the following hours the storm field moves further south. In the evening, "Sabine" with wind force eleven (103 to 118 km / h) will probably reach the Eifel, Niederrhein, Saarland line and finally arrive in Bavaria in the second half of the night on Monday. From strength 11 on the Beaufort scale, the meteorologists speak of a hurricane-like storm, from 118 kilometers per hour (strength 12) it is a hurricane.

According to Friedrich, “The most dangerous situation with the highest wind peaks in all of Germany” is reached on Monday night when a cold front is added to the hurricane low. Even in the low gusts, gusts of wind can reach eleven to twelve. «Sabine» will let off steam even more violently: At 120 to 150 kilometers per hour, the gusts will sweep over the peaks at night on Monday. According to Friedrich, a forecast for the Brocken, the highest peak in the Harz, is even 175 kilometers per hour.

The hurricane is accompanied in many places by heavy showers and thunderstorms. The DWD warned of falling trees, blown bricks and broken branches. People would have to be prepared for dangers if they wanted to leave the house, said the meteorologist. Another advice: "Everything that is not riveted and nail-proof outdoors should be secured."

Road and rail traffic across the country is likely to be severely affected: "Monday morning there will be massive traffic congestions," said Friedrich. "You have to warn the population accordingly, but there can be no question of a horror or monster oran." "Sabine" is a winter oran like the one that occurs every two years, but not a "record storm". “Sabine” won't get as strong as Kyrill (2007) or Lothar (1999).

But the approaching hurricane deep has persistence: "The whole thing is not over on Monday morning," said the meteorologist. During the course of Monday, polar sea air will flow in and bring showers and winter thunderstorms. Gusts of eleven wind force can continue to chase across the country. Only from Monday evening and then on Tuesday will the weather gradually calm down.

Deutsche Bahn said on Friday that it was closely monitoring the weather. A spokesman referred to a step-by-step plan prepared for extreme weather situations, which may be put into effect. Among other things, this stipulates that “the necessary technology and repair vehicles are kept on standby and that employees and clearing staff prepare for their possible use”.

German Weather Service