There is currently a severe shortage of bacon and other pig products in Sweden, Sveriges Radio reports. Shortage is the worst for decades and many grocery stores have not had bacon for weeks.

- The situation has really been quite chaotic. I haven't experienced a similar one. This is absolutely unique. There is no meat in the stores, so everything that comes directly goes to shelves or meat production, says Majsan Pense, head of Coop's grocery chain.

Pence says there has been a shortage of pork, especially in recent weeks. According to him, there are many reasons for this.

- There are actually four things. The drought of 2018 will still be partly affected. China has swine fever. We have increased demand for Swedish pork. Finally, we had these long Christmas holidays, which have affected especially January.

In Axfood, which owns the Willys and Henköp retail chains, for example, bacon shortages have been noted, says Expressen.

Axfood's press officer Claes Salomonsson, like Pence, refers to the drought in 2018, when pig farmers had to slaughter more pigs than expected. However, he notes that not only drought, but also the increase in demand in China, where pig farmers have had to kill animals because of swine fever, is behind the bacon shortage.

"Prices have risen," says Salomonsson.

However, Salomonsson says the situation is not acute.

- It is true that we have had, and still have, a tight situation, especially with regard to the availability of bacon in our stores. But thanks to our own Garant brand, which has its own bacon supplier, we have still managed quite well.