The moon was captured in magnificent images on Tuesday in Lappeenranta.

- The sun's rays illuminated the peaks of the Montes Jura, some 3,800 meters high on the edge of the Sinus Iridum area. The sky was suitably cloudy around 8pm when I took pictures from my home yard, Markku J. Hytönen of Lappeenranta tells Ilta-Sanomat

- The pictures show the "Golden handle" on the surface of the moon. The event can be seen once during the lunar cycle, he says.

Mountas Jura can be seen in the dry border of light and shadow in the upper left corner.

Photo: Markku J. Hytönen

Hytönen takes a lot of nature photos, but he is not particularly focused on the Moon. Therefore, the experience for an experienced nature photographer in Voisalmi, Lappeenranta, was a memorable one.

- I was lucky when the sky was so favorable and the air was clear for the Moon Mountains, he tells of the significance of the moment.

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“The photographer managed to capture one of the finest landscapes”

- The Moon is a fine and relatively easy subject to photograph, and in this picture the photographer has successfully captured one of the finest landscapes on the Moon. Successful moons and other images of the starry and atmospheric phenomena can be published in Taivaanvahti, Kari A. Kuure, deputy chairman of Ursa Tampere, tells Ilta-Sanomat.

He emphasizes that Sky Watcher is intended to be the place for anyone to take star photographs and atmospheric phenomena. The publication threshold is low, and images to be published, along with sighting reports, are reviewed prior to publication, so photographers do not have to identify less frequent phenomena or objects described. The watchdog is maintained by the Ursa Astronomical Association.

Astronomical Association Tampereen Ursa ry is an association of about 300 members in Pirkanmaa, with its star tower in the Kauppi district of Tampere. The activities of Ursa Tampere are described on the association's website.

- This spring, 28-29 March The Tampere Ursa Association, together with the Ursa Association, is organizing the National Celebrations 2020 at Särkänniemi Planetarium, where star enthusiasts and other interested parties are expected to listen to interesting performances and lectures, Kuure says.