The US Army confirmed on Monday that an American military plane crashed in Afghanistan. The Pentagon denies that the plane was brought down by the Taliban.

Shortly after the crash, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the downing of the aircraft on Monday. The US said earlier that there were no indications for this. The Pentagon now denies that the Taliban is involved in the crash.

An investigation is ongoing to find out the actual cause of the crash.

The plane crashed Monday in the Ghazni province in Afghanistan. Many Taliban rebels are present in the area.

The US Army has confirmed that it is an American Bombardier E-11A, a small American military aircraft used by the US Air Force.

Local authorities first reported that it was a Boeing from Ariana Afghan Airlines, but the airline soon announced that they were not missing a plane from the fleet.

It is not yet clear even though people were on board, but according to the US there were fewer than ten passengers. According to the Taliban, there would be no survivors. The US has not yet confirmed this.